Monday, June 15, 2009

Rewarding Evil

One of liberal’s favorite talking points against the war in Iraq, was that Bush was making more terrorist. Well, with Obama sending Uyghurs off to Bermuda (all expenses paid mind you) isn’t he going to create more terrorists by rewarding evil?

Think about this, all one has to do is join Jihad, go to a training camp and then go through the motions of terrorism and get picked up by the US. Since you did not kill anyone or really fight a soldier you can make an argument that you are innocent and get a free ticket to a sunny paradise. Gone are the days of starvation and sand storms and hello beautiful beaches and sunshine!

It just strikes me as odd, that Obama who ran a campaign so keen on imagery, could not see what a bad image moving Gitmo prisoners to an island paradise would be. Does he not think that many in slums of the Middle East will see this as an avenue to a better life?

While some will argue that the Uyghurs never took up arms against America, we cannot forget that they trained for Jihad. They were willing to learn how to commit evil, so why reward their misdeeds?

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