Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Fourth of July?

Do you remember when you were in school, how there was always that weird kid who tried to suck up to the bully? You know the kid, the one who offered to do all these nice things for the bully, so that the bully would stop kicking his or her ass? Remember how it never worked? That poor kid always ended up becoming the bully's bitch. I think Barak Obama is that kid.

In Obama's latest attempt at Kumbaya Diplomacy (i.e. Smart Power), he has invited Iranian Officials for Fourth of July celebrations at US embassies around the world. The administration claims that this is all part of trying to engage Iran. Here is my question; what has Iran done to deserve such rewards?

In the absence of any "good behavior" on Iran's part, are we not rewarding their bad behavior? In some corners of the world, rewarding bad behavior as a way of getting people to behave nicely is still called appeasement.

The Obama Administration whole soft power approach is rapidly departing failure and venturing into farce! Gerald Warner at the The Daily Telegraph, has an excellent piece titled: Barack Obama: all the bad guys are giving President Pantywaist the finger. Unlike American journalists, the Brits tell it like it is.


Anonymous said...

I amazes me the level of naivety from this Administration, to think sharing a celebration of the birth of this Country with a country that stand in stark opposition to freedom, moreover has shown it wants to activity destroy liberty.

Words mean nothing to these monsters, only action. This is the currency they respect and understand.

Just like a rabid dog,talking does not make it less of a threat, shooting it dead does.

49er16 said...

What? North Korea didn't want in on some of that action?

Clifton B said...

C. Scalawag:

It is almost becoming like a very bad joke. If it wasn't for MSM pretending this is serious stuff, people would be ROTFLTAO! They are already doing that in China.

Clifton B said...


NK has to wait for the "Winter Celebration Party" (Christmas Party to us normal folks). I am sure they will get presents too.

Casey Brown-Myers said...

Our enemies around the world see the weakness of Obama's foreign policy and they will most certainly attempt to take advantage of said weakness.

This candy-ass foreign policy and the socialist path we are now on, may be the downfall of our country.

Clifton B said...


The funny thing is that under Bush's "cowboy diplomacy" these guys (Iran & NK) were still actin' fool. Why on earth would anyone think going soft would make them behave better?

Yes, between Obama's economics and foreign policy, we are on the fast track to being a banana republic.

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