Monday, June 15, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes

As the talking heads on the left and the right try to pin the murderous actions of Scott Roeder, Abdul Hakim Muhammad and James Von Brunn on the opposing side, they miss discussing the important issue of what is happening to the culture of America.

I think that these three murderers show a sign of danger running through our society today. They show how too many today are willing to use murder as a means of solving personal problems. While it can be said that each man had a political motive behind their killings, the bigger point is that they chose murder as a solution.

I think we should look at these three not as the end result of hyper political rhetoric from the extremes of both parties, but rather as something running through our society today that says, murder is a viable solution for improving your life.

Look at many of the high profile cases today. We find unhappy souls who chose murder as a way of improving their lives. Casey Anthony, seems to have killed her child in order to gain more freedom. Drew Peterson killed seems to have killed his wives to avoid the troubles of divorce. Many of the school shootings were carried out by children unhappy with their status at school. I find Roeder, Muhammad and Von Brunn no different.

Roeder seems to have used murder as a way to fight back against something he saw as an affront to his way of life, abortion. Muhammad used murder because western culture impeded on his Islamic life. Von Brunn felt very disenfranchised and felt murder was a way of being heard.
Rather than just playing the blame game, we should take a closer look at what has changed in our society that has made murder a viable option.


Euripides said...

I essentially agree with your analysis, but it seems that murder is only a symptom of a greater problem. Before the murder came the hatred. Before the hatred came the fear. Where does the fear stem from?

Clifton B said...


Fear, ah, that is an idea worth exploring. If I had to venture to guess, I would say that the fear stems from insecurity.

Euripides said...

Your idea of murder as a way of solving personal problems is an intriguing one. But I'm still stuck on what it is that creates a culture of violence in the first place. Could it be in the US that our insecurity stems from the rootlessness of liberal ideology that permeates our culture?

I'm not expecting answers, just raising the questions.

Great stuff over here. I'm glad I came across your blog.

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