Tuesday, June 30, 2009

UPDATE: Ok Tim Pawlenty, It’s Show Time!

Today the Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled in Al Franken’s favor, but has stopped short from ordering Governor Tim Pawlenty to certify the election. Tim Pawlenty has stated in the past that he would certify Franken if ordered by the courts to do so. Well, the clock just started ticking for Governor Pawlenty's chances as a 2012 GOP candidate.

Right now it only appears that the RINO class of the GOP leadership is singing Pawlenty’s praises. The base of the party remains unimpressed. Should Pawlenty hold true to his words, he will gain much-needed street cred with the base, while earning PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) level hatred from the left. However, if Pawlenty chooses to use today’s Minnesota Supreme court ruling as a go ahead to certify Franken, he will earn tons of media praise as a “sensible Republican”. In going this route, Pawlenty will certainly be kissing his 2012 presidential ambitions bye-bye, because the base is in no mood for “sensible Republicans” as defined by the media.

So light the lights and cue the orchestra, it’ show time for Tim Pawlenty! Can he choose wisely?


Pawlenty is off the hook, Coleman concedes and ushers in …

I wonder, will Franken thank ACORN in his acceptance speech?


JMK said...

Franken was an incompetent comedian, so it's not much of a stretch o guess he'll be equally incompetent as a politician.

Clifton B said...


Franken will serve two roles in the senate. For Dems he will be a reliable hard left vote. For Republicans (if they are smart) he will be the face of the "wacky left" and you could not ask for a better poster boy.

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