Monday, June 1, 2009

The Source of Ethic Complaints Against Sarah Palin

Have you ever wondered who is behind all of those bogus ethic complaints against Sarah Palin? You know those silly complaints that forced Governor Palin to start a legal defense fund so that she would not go broke. Well, someone has been doing their homework.

Gary over at A Time For Choosing seems to have the answer, and it appears to be our old friend George Soros. This is a must read people.


Anonymous said...

Shocked,just shocked that Soros is behind it all.

Is it just me, or does Soros remind you of Dr.Evil or some the guy from SPECTER from those Bond movies.

Mary M. Baker said...

Hey Clifton,

This seems like good news for Maddoff. If Soros can get away with being a crook, and come back and buy the Presidency I wonder what this will bring for him. These people are determined to ruin this country. But we still have the power to vote and we can quickly restore this country by voting out every Democratic Politician who supports Obama's policies.

Clifton B said...

C Scalawag:

All those discriptions fit to a tee. What I want to know is why do we allow him to manipulate us so?

Clifton B said...


That is only going to happen if we elect politicians who put the nation first. Currently we have precious few.

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