Tuesday, June 16, 2009

America Rolls Conservative

New Gallop poll out today finds that more Americans call themselves conservative than anything else. Gallop finds that 40% of Americans consider themselves conservative, 35% call themselves moderate and only 21% call themselves liberal.

What is interesting is that after the election if you were to listen to the MSM and inside beltway pundits, you would have sworn America was now predominantly liberal. While self-identified liberals have crept up from 17% to 21% over the last 16 years, it is still quite clearly the minority.

A closer examination, finds that there are pretty large numbers of conservatives within both the moderate and liberal groups. Which brings us to the question, why are so many out there telling the GOP to go to the center? The data indicates that a candidate could run a on a true conservative message and win large segments of the electorate. Couple that conservative message with a bit of charisma and you begin to understand why the left is hell bent on destroying someone like Sarah Palin.

In 2008, Obama won because there was no true conservative at the top of the ticket. John McCain’s mixed and muddled conservative message was not enough to persuade large enough segments from moderate and conservative Democrats. They were easily taken in by Obama’s faux conservatism (read: pragmatism). Such a ploy would never have worked against a principled conservative like Reagan or Palin.
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