Saturday, June 20, 2009

I will take 40 acres in the Hamptons and a BMW 650i convertible!

The Senate unanimously passed a resolution yesterday apologizing for slavery, making way for a joint congressional resolution and the latest attempt by the federal government to take responsibility for 2 1/2 centuries of slavery.

"You wonder why we didn't do it 100 years ago,"
Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), lead sponsor of the resolution, said after the unanimous-consent vote. "It is important to have a collective response to a collective injustice."

Actually Mr. Harkin, why didn’t you do that 150 years ago when it might have had some meaning? Apologizing for slavery today is beyond meaningless. Basically, you have a bunch of people today who have had absolutely no direct involvement with slavery, apologizing to black people today who never suffered one second of slavery.

The only purpose this apology serves is to once again stir the racial pot by opening the door to reparation discussions. However, just in case there is still enough white guilt kicking around (even after the election of the first black president) to make good on that 40 acres and a mule deal, then I want in! Of course, I demand to be properly compensated for inflation! Therefore, I want my 40 acres out on the Hamptons and you can keep the fleabag, I will take a BMW 650i convertible instead! Vroom!


Unknown said...

What it does is leaves Republicans who don't whore themselves to this American Idol crowd fawning over obama and his horrible cronies looking like evil people. This is just like that global warming crap during the Iowa Republican Presidential Debate where that snotty librarian moderator asked them to raise their hands if they believed in global warming. If you don't raise your hand, you are evil.

Was slavery bad? I doubt there are many out there who would disagree. Is it relevant to modern times? If it is and the senate apologized, then that should be the last of the discussion.

I do like your BMW 650i idea, although, it probably won't meet the new emissions standards.

Anonymous said...

Huh,I wonder if the Irish could get anything for the treatment during the late 19th and early 20th century.

Perhaps 40 gallons of whiskey and a pipe to smoke.

This is insanity. Sorry, but the Civil War and both the 13th and 14th Amendment corrected that wrong in American history. If you want payment, then it was paid in the blood of those who fought the war to stop slavery.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

If you HAD to take your 40 acres and mule, I like your choice my conservative friend. Since my boys are of mixed ancestry, I suppose they get 20 acres and a Hyundai Genesis!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, I'm glad that I found you..
I'll be back again ...and often.

Conservativelikenoother said...

Hey I am part Cherokee, I'll go for the region that once occupied the territory known as the Louisiana Purchase, I want complete states rights, so that I can sucede from this chaos once known as American's. Any one there claiming to be a liberal will have to undergo severe mental health evals after being on my list of radical extremism.

I will definitely put in place an extensive immigration and hate crimes bill that is punishable when anyone speaks the Word's Obama and America in the same sentence. And I want my portion of my Native American contributions as well. You are too funny.

Clifton B said...


Exactly why so many Republicans went along with it.

Re: emission standards
I better hurry up and get one before we are all forced to drive clown cars.

Clifton B said...

C Scalawag:

Hey new logo, almost did not recognize you.

Perhaps 40 gallons of whiskey and a pipe to smoke.

You need to ask for more than that, this IS the age of Hope and Cnange you know.

Yes, the reparation supporters often forget that America paid for the sin of slavery with blood.

Clifton B said...


Since my boys are of mixed ancestry, I suppose they get 20 acres and a Hyundai Genesis!

You had me laughing all day with this line! You win the comment of the day award hands down!

Clifton B said...

Throwing Stones:

Welcome to ABC, glad you enjoy the blog and will be back again.

Clifton B said...


Hey there, part Cherokee, that is cool! You should do a post on your history it sounds facinating. Oh and if you get your reparations, don't forget Native Americans get certain tax breaks, make sure you demand yours before you sucede!

B.B. said...

Do descendants of abolitionists get a tax breeak so they don't have to help pay? What about families of Union veterans of the Civil War, especially those who volunteered, and those who died?

The Conservative Lady said...

Loved the post. You cracked me up at the end.
I think the Senate (Dems and Repubs), if they want to apologize for something, they should apologize for their existence...they are pathetic. Keep up the good work.

Clifton B said...

Boy Named Sous:

Ah, this is the very craziness of trying to execute reparations today. I cannot imagine any way that would be fair. However, I am sure liberals will find some scheme to push it just the same.

Clifton B said...


they should apologize for their existence...they are pathetic.

No truer words spoken!

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