Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is America Waking Up To The BS of Hope & Change?

I am not sure what it is, but ever since that 9.4% unemployment figure came out, something seems to have quietly shifted in America. There seems to be a dawning in the minds of Americans. A dawning to the realization that after all the assertive talk, all the promises of puppies and rainbows and all the Messiah imagery, Hope and Change is taking on the distinct odor of bullshit!

I watched the Sunday talk shows and there were the Dems all trying to put a rosy face on that God awful 9.4% figure. All of their answers seem to have that distinct sound of bullshit. Worse yet, it sounded like the bullshit of we have been hearing out of Washington for decades. Where is that sparkling new Hope and Change? Why can't anyone in the administration answer the simple question, where are the jobs?

There are other signs as well. Get together with your friends and the stories are all the same. Higher prices at the grocery store, this or that business closed down, so and so got laid off and no one is buying anything. It feels like things are going from bad to worse. After all of Obama's hyper spending, the likes we have never seen before, people are expecting a heck of a lot quicker improvements.

Obama was swept in to office on the promise that he could not only change America, but change the world as well. However the world seems to be acting much the same if not worse. Europe was suppose to instantly fall in lust with America with Obama at the helm. Instead, they turn down his request to take Gitmo detainees like his last name was Bush. North Korea and Iran have both show Obama their asses and are cutting up something fierce. Americans see this and wonder, where are Obama's magical powers?

You can see where the minds of Americans are going. In NJ and VA, the supposedly extinct Republicans are looking like they will cake walk into the governor mansions come November. In deep blue NY, Republicans just flipped two Dems to grab the Senate as NY reels from massive taxes. How is that possible in the age of Hope and Change?

Even Obama seems to have lost a little of his sparkle. Oh, the media still tries to paint him as the second coming but it is all starting to ring hollow. Whenever Obama speaks about his economic plan to fix the economy and how it requires trillions in borrowing and spending for healthcare, you get that whiff of bullshit. It is the same smell of bullshit you get when you take your car to the mechanic for a new air filter and the mechanic starts talking about how you have to spend hundreds to rebuild your transmission.

American still give Obama high marks personally, but his policies are starting to really smell bullshitty! How much longer before the stink sets on him? Not much longer...I hope.


namaste said...

i hope you're right. can one be impeached for incompetence? gawd, i hope so!!

The Griper said...

i don't think the numbers are a reflection of him yet. the numbers,imo, is still a reflection feelings that they had of Bush and they know it too. you can tell this by the way they are still using Bush to deflect any negativity away from Obama's policies

KOOK said...

And the Truth shall set you free.

I can only pray the sun is setting on the era of HopityChange!

keep fighting the good fight!

Clifton B said...

Whoa! Hold up on that impeachment! Joe Biden is next in line and he brings imcompetence to dazzling new heights.

Clifton B said...


Oh yes, the old Bush bash defense. That is starting to ring hollow too. It is hard to say Bush left a finacial mess and then go add on to it by the truck load.

Clifton B said...


Welcome to ABC! Excellent name btw.
I am just waiting for the Hope and Change crowd to morph into the Angry and Betrayed crowd.

JMK said...

Carter-like policies will ulimately deliver Carter-like results.

Ironically enough, G W Bush was as Keynesian (overspending and over-regulating) as Nixon was, just as Barack Obama is as much, if not more Keynesian than Jimmy Carter.

We alreay have an unemplyment rate pushing 10%, and today's (6-10-09) WSJ has an artile by famed economist Artthur Laffer warning about the coming rising inflation and interest rates.

We could easilly have STAGFLATION by 2010....impeachment is NOT an option (the human gaffe machine Biden's just one reason)....saddling Obama with a second "Gingrich Revolution" is the way to go.

We just need another Gingrich!

More of the "Moderate", Rockefeller-wing agenda will only result in another GOP disaster.

Anonymous said...

I give it about another month for those personal high marks will go down too.

And I just wished people payed more attention before he was elected, instead of falling for the glitz and glamor of this guy.

Then again, Americans have been dumbed down and turned into mindless sheep.

Well at least 52% of us have been.

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