Friday, April 23, 2010

Black Conservative Sonnie Johnson speaks at Roanoke, VA Tea Party

Sonnie Johnson is the president of the Virginia Chapter of Fredric Douglas Foundation.
The second half of the second video is fantastic! (h/t to reader Marisa)

Bonus: For those of you who enjoyed Charles Early, the black conservative who spoke at the SC Tea Party, you can listen to a radio interview he did on 1250 WTMA. (h/t reader Joanne)


Anonymous said...

She's terrific! I'm glad she's emphasizing how important it is to elect politicians that share our values at the local level. She gets it.

What an inspiration. Thanks for sharing her speech. -- SCOTT

spc said...

right before the 8 minute mark was my favorite part-

It was a good speech- Personally, I really liked the first half because it illustrated all of the taxes and how government is more likely the cause of economic "misfortune" than your rich neighbor or boss.

If there is talent like this seeded everywhere in this country than I can truly be optimistic and further realize the reason the media is trying to keep this from us. If America, in general, realizes there are more like them, then America would revolt like no one has seen against this administration. The age of the internet is a great thing, and try as they might, I do not think they can keep the wool over America's eyes.

Anonymous said...

Very well articulated! This is the kind of smart, clean cut, none-offensive, oh, wait, I am a Conservative, if I used such words to describe this wonderful lady, I might be labeled a racist.

Cough. VERY well articulated, and she took it to the local level instead of over generalization with wishy washy talking points. We need more fine people like Ms Sonnie Johnson!

2nd Anonymous [thanks Ms Fuzzy Slipper for the name].

Maggie said...

what an impressive young lady. She speaks from the heart. Not only is she articulate but she is knowledgeable and would put "the Won" to shame...

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