Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Video: Zo responds to Charles Blow’s minstrel show comment

You just knew brother Zo wasn’t going to let Charles Blow off the hook for his Tea Party minstrel show comment.


Rachel Ann said...

I think I said this somewhere else but really I want to ask MSM and Charles Blow...so why is a person's race (ethnicity, religion, income status) so important to you? Can we talk issues?

But, well, the answer is obvious. MSM et al can't talk issues so they are going for the exterior.

Oh and the slur against Zo for being a former drug addict...well he should be getting kudos for beating that demon, not nastiness.

Janelle said...

I think of my skin as the building that houses my interior organs, when I think about it at all.

Unknown said...

I think the point of his article was to point out that the Tea Party movement represents the viewpoint of a very small portion of America and has been getting unjustified amounts of attention. I think his article was responding to manufactured pictures of diversity used by some movements to present their ideas as far reaching when they are anything but.

Clifton B said...

Rachel Ann:

The thing about the MSM pointing out race, is that they do it when it fits their agenda. If they were truly concerned about diversity, their executive boards would be far more diverse. As I pointed out in an earlier post the New York Times Board of Directors is all white. Yet the times is forever knocking the right about diversity. Seems to me they should start with their own house first.

Zo gets no credit for kicking his habit or over coming the limitations of his education, because he is on the right.

Clifton B said...


That is a pretty creative way of looking at skin color.

Clifton B said...

Sheldon Bond:

Actually Sheldon while the actual number to Tea Partiers is about 25% of the population, close to 50% of Americans identify with the Tea Party's views. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/general_politics/april_2010/tea_party_48_obama_44

I think his article was responding to manufactured pictures of diversity used by some movements to present their ideas as far reaching when they are anything but.
Yes kind of like the Coffee Party

spc said...

He has put out some of my favorite videos and is only 1 of 2 people I am subscribed to on Youtube. I didn't know a lot about him until this video because few of his videos give out any more details than Conservatism and God. I don't even know who the Mr. Blow is, but as always, Rachel obliterates with facts. I wish I had the cash to follow him onto pjtv- he has a talent for making a "mold" of Conservative thought and packaging it like a single ZIP file. Every message is clear and concise, AND full of all the necessary information to back it up. Hope to see more of him in the future.

Unknown said...

Clifton, I think you are misreading the survey evidence. Based on the question wording and the sample size, I don't think you can fairly read this as evidence that America agrees with the Tea Party Views. This question poses a false dichotomy by framing the presidents views as directly opposite the Tea Party and that doesn't appear to be factually correct. For example, the Tea Party advocates lower taxes. Obama lowered taxes.

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