Monday, April 12, 2010

Andrew Stern to resign from SEIU

Ben Smith, Politico: Service Employees International Union President Andrew Stern, one of America's most prominent labor leaders, is set to resign, according to a member of the union's board and another SEIU official.
The President of an SEIU local based in Seattle, Diane Sosne, broke the news to her staffers at 11:35 this morning, local time.
"Last night I received confirmation that Andy Stern is resigning as President of SEIU. He has not yet made a public announcement; we will share the details as we become aware of them," Sosne wrote in an email obtained by POLITICO.
Sosne offered no explanation for the move, but another SEIU official speculated that Stern had finally tired of the draining job.
"Health care getting done is a good culmination," the official said. […]
Stern, even without the union presidency, would remain on, among other things, the board of President Obama's deficit commission, to which he was appointed in February.
Change to Win executive director Anna Burger is widely viewed as Stern's heir apparent, and has been groomed for the post, though other union officials, including international executive vice presidents Mary Kay Henry and Gerald Hudson, are also sometimes mentioned. 
Humm, this smells exactly like ACORN’s dissolving its national structure. Basically now that sunlight has hit these radical figures, they are all jumping from their prominent post and are looking to work behind the scenes. Don’t be fooled, Stern will still be a big influence to Obama.

Allahpundit has a sick idea that Obama might nominate Andy Stern to the SCOTUS! As radical as Obama is, he would be making Republican superstars with that maneuver. Can you just imagine Jim DeMint digging into something like that?

Check out Michelle Malkin for some good background info on Stern.

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spc said...

What will his Czar-ship be called?

Just a conservative girl said...

There is something very odd about this. Something is going on, maybe a big scandal is about to hit or something. He isn't just sick of it all.

Clifton B said...


Good question!

Clifton B said...


Methinks Andy just wants out of the limelight. Prior to Obama, Stern and SEIU were not household names. Today they are!

sarainitaly said...

I was thinking Obama cabinet until I saw the SCOTUS theory. Obama couldn't be that dumb, could he?

Janelle said...

Pressure from inside the SEIU......dropping membership and revenue most likely contributed to this. Championing non secret voting hasn't been a well accepted cause, either.

Bastiat Fan said...

Shameless Plug:

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