Monday, April 5, 2010

Two Dems get their first taste of the ObamaCare backlash

Two Democratic House Reps from New Hampshire are the first to feel the backlash for voting for ObamaCare. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter and Rep. Paul Hodes met with their constituents during Easter recess and lets just say things were not peachy keen. 
From Politico: At a senior center in Manchester Wednesday, one woman turned away when Hodes offered his outstretched hand for an introduction.
"I don't want to shake your hand. You voted for health care, so just go," snapped Carmen Guimond, as she refocused on her lunch of roast beef and mashed potatoes and waved him on.
When Hodes decided to stay at the table and launch a defense of what's considered to be one of the more popular provisions of the law — closing the "donut hole," a gap in prescription drug coverage for Medicare recipients — she challenged whether he had read the entire bill and dismissed his explanation.
"Two hundred and forty dollars in the first year. That's all it is," she said, referring to the initial subsidy. "That's not much."
"And over time, by 2020, it closes the donut hole," Hodes explained.
"We'll all be dead by then," she deadpanned.

Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark! How did Carol Shea-Porter do? Not much better. 
For her part, at back-to-back town hall meetings in Bedford and Merrimack, Shea-Porter faced consistent boos, heckles and catcalls after almost every point she rattled off in defense of her vote. 
Despite an effort to accommodate questions from the raucous crowds with a ticketed lottery system and a two-minute time limit for speakers, the congresswoman got little credit from the audience. If anything, it gave her opponents fresh ammunition.
"Why can't we ask a question?" yelled one man, objecting to a format that randomly selected numbers out of a tub of tickets to choose questioners. 
"Are you a princess or a representative?" chastised another woman.
Many Democrats are counting on the public warming up to ObamaCare now that it is law. They feel if they just sell the immediate benefits that the public will come around. Unfortunately, the latest polls indicate that the public is still opposed.

If these two reps in a liberal area like New Hampshire are feeling the heat, you can just imagine what the blue dogs will have to endure. I cannot wait to see the town halls during summer recess.

Via: Gallup


Opus #6 said...

They can run, but they can't hide from their constituents forever.

Joe H. said...

Congratulations to President Obama! *** For the very FRIST time since LAST January he actually took his family to (a Christian) church for services.

And just when I was beggining to think that he does not care about the immortal souls of his daughters.

KOOK said...

This oughta be good. Who wants bets the MSM will not touch these little meet and greet sessions?

Anonymous said...

Shortly before the HCR vote, I remember Mike Pence say whether it passed or not, the vote will mark the peak of liberal ascendancy. What a bold statement. But now that stories like this are coming out, and so many new polls are coming out showing how accepted and representative the Tea Partyers are, he may be right. Let's hope. -- SCOTT

Janelle said...

What immediate benefits? There is nothing immediate about this bill, other than it includes a whole slew of new taxes and government agencies. I'm still waiting for Senator Bill Nelson's reply to one question: "Why would Congress exempt itself from this legislation, if it is as good as advertised"?
A question which all of the 535 should be asked until their ears are ringing.

Joaquin said...

This is Exhibit A for why the bill had to be rushed through before the Easter recess.

Justine said...

"Are you a princess or a representative?" LOL! You go, New Hampshirians! Live free or die!

rosewood59 said...

I pedict that the Tea Party will grow and become a serious force to be reckoned with. Why, because I've just decided to join the Tea Party myself! I have sat and watched and listened and waited and finally decided that "Yes, this is a viable - honest group of Americans. I will be one of them." The decision has not been made in haste, because I choose carefully.

Now the reason I Know the Tea Party movement will grow and become more focused and will eventually succeed in bringing American Government back in line with established constitutional rules, is that I AM NOT Alone in my action/decision. I have talked to several WOMEN this past month and we are all doing the same watching, listening, and determining, and doing it independently of each other.

I tell you this; We have only begun to fight for our ideals.
I am only one of thousands doing the same soul searching and determing what side of Government I will be on.

Clifton B said...

Opus #6:

But you just know they are going to try.

Clifton B said...

Joe H.

I saw that. I doubt there will be a repeat performance next week.

Clifton B said...


The media will stay away from the summer town halls like the plague. Thank God for YouTube!

Clifton B said...


HCR was the Democrats wet dream. They achieved this bill for themselves. Now comes judgement day and it won't be pretty this November. I think the left may have damaged themselves for a generation.

Clifton B said...


Until the 535 can come up with a good enough answer for that question, selling this bill will be like selling snowballs in the middle of a blizzard.

Clifton B said...


Absolutely. Can you imagine the beating they would have taken at the town halls? I doubt many would have voted with their party's wishes.

Clifton B said...


I howled the first time I read that line. I also loved when the woman said they would all be dead by the time the donut hole was closed.

Clifton B said...


Welcome to the fight. I like your style. The best thing you can do is spread the word and get others to join in demanding better from all our representatives.

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