Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video: Peter Orszag explains how ObamaCare will ration healthcare

Remember how the left completely freaked out over Sarah Palin’s Death Panel remark? They insisted that under ObamaCare bureaucrats would not be making decisions about your health and that there would be no rationing. Well, just like the price tag of ObamaCare, the left lied.

Watch the video below and listen to how Obama’s Director of Office Management and Budget, Peter Orszag, explains how the Independent Payment and Advisory Board (IPAB) will move our health care system from one of quantity to “quality” by aggressively putting forward proposals that will hit economic targets.  Also pay close attention to how Orszag describes the high threshold for overriding the IPAB.

So let’s recap, we have un-elected bureaucrats that can enact immediate proposals to our health care system based on bending the cost curve downwards, regardless to our individual health care needs. Furthermore, a super majority in Congress is needed to override these proposals. Too bad our neutered media did not bring this to our attention before the bill was passed.

Via: Hot Air


Anonymous said...

Seems the baby boomers that gave us this nightmare and stupidity of liberalism are about to have karma hit them when they retire. It will be these retired baby boomers that are going to get hit and hit hard by Obama care as they'll be the ones rationed out to save costs. Hey, they'll always have hope because the change isn't working out too well, now is it. Too bad it will be the innocent that will be suffering for generations to come for their wicked sins.

Janelle said...

Almost, but not quite speechless and I will hit the cymbals yet another time. Vote them all in and out one a two term basis. And all of us who follow politics and the legislation they sponsor (not write) really need to stay alert. Clifton, I appreciate what you do and am so glad you speak out. I thank you on many levels, the first being I don't want the government to care for me.
I see their job as very limited and I want their sorry asses out of my life.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe people REFUSE to call this socialism. I would go as far as calling it step stone to Communism. Many American's do not even know it when it's standing on their face, that's why the defensive attitude towards things like social security, income tax, public education, public sector unions, death panels, I mean, death-rationing panels, and Obamacare.

"but but! Communism is different!"

Yes, it's different, that's why Karl Marx believes it will take certain steps before a society gets there. It doesn't happen over night, that's why when it became a reality, we would have lost all forms of freedom, one by one, and too weak to oppose it by then.

2nd Anonymous

Clifton B said...


Yes there is some irony in the fact that the baby boomers happily marched to Socialism and the very same Socialism will deny them care.

It is just more proof that those who refuse to study history are doomed to repeat it.

Clifton B said...


Staying alert to the shenanigans in Washington is the best thing all of us can do. This way we know who to kick to the curb and when.

Clifton B said...

2nd Anonymous:

I call it socialism and don't give a damn what some disillusion ninny says. It is time we call these policies exactly what they are ... Socialism.

spc said...

to Madmath and Clifton:

I don't think they will accept this and I think they will forcefully (vote) make others (their progeny) pay for their "delights".

Anonymous said...

Clifton B:

Yup, wish the lefties would realize this.

"How is this socialism?" They say.

"How is it NOT socialism?" would be the answer.

2nd Anonymous

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