Monday, April 5, 2010

Michael Steele plays the race card ... again

Here we go again! This is so weak and weasely I am actually embarrassed.  For crying out loud even Robert Gibbs can see right through this nonsense.
GOP Chairman Michael Steele shouldn’t blame criticism of his actions on race, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday.
Gibbs called Steele’s remark that criticism of his leadership is motivated by race “silly” during a meeting with reporters.
“I think Michael Steele’s problem isn’t the race card, it’s the credit card,” Gibbs added. 
Last week’s Daily Caller story about the RNC’s lavish spending and a trip to a sex club is they type of story that would put any chairman under the hot lights, color be damn. You cannot go around telling the electorate the GOP is the party of fiscal sanity, while at the same time the RNC is partying like it is 1999. It reeks of hypocrisy and it is the type of hypocrisy that makes donors slam their wallets shut, just like Sam Fox did today.

One of the reasons why I slammed my wallet shut to the RNC is because I did not see the RNC adhering to conservative principles. Sad to say, under Steele’s leadership, I still don’t see it.

What Michael Steele needs to do is to stop the self promotion, knock off the endless TV appearances and start working on building a brand that inspires confidence with the American people.


Kelsey said...

I actually liked Steele in the beginning.

He's sure soured on me now.

Just a conservative girl said...

He has a different skill set than what is needed for chairman. He is more of front office kind of guy, and the chairman needs to be more behind the scenes.

It is disappointing, I wanted him to do well. I have met him a few times, and he is a nice man.

Janelle said...

Clifton, no matter, he's gone, too. Every single one of these liars needs to be run out of D.C. and any other place they reside. We are a better country than our reps are and what you need to do is exactly what you are doing. And I thank you for putting the word out.

RightKlik said...

He's obviously trying to protect himself from getting canned, but Steele is hurting the GOP with this kind of talk. He's putting his personal interests ahead of the GOP's interests. He's creating a conflict of interests and a zero-sum game dynamic. My perception is that at this point, he's doing more harm than good. Time to go.

Anonymous said...


Good grief! I'm so sick of this raaaacism BS...I've really had it.

When are we gonna see the emergence of some real Americans with a get-down-to-business mindset about putting this country back on track and cleaning up this mess Comrade Zero and the Politburo have made?

Steele and all the rest of these weak, baby-ass jokers need to be deleted, shoved out the door, and the whole party needs a serious reboot...LIKE YESTERDAY!

Lisa said...

Totally agree! If Republicans pull off some nice victories in November as I hope they do, it will be in spite of the RNC'S efforts, not because of them, sadly.

Clifton B said...


I wasn't a big fan of Steele from the get go. He was part of that group called It's My Party Too. The group was headed by Steele, Tom Ridge and Christie Whittman. Need I say more?

Clifton B said...


You hit the nail on the head. Steele love the camera and the spotlight. Those things are useful, but they are not the main requirements needed for Chairman.

Clifton B said...


Steele's problem is he simply isn't serious enough for the times. Winning back Congress in 2010 is do or die for the Republic as we have known it. Do you get that impression from Steele? I don't.

Clifton B said...

Right Klik:

I too get the feeling that he is all about self promotion. I don't see where he has the RNC or GOP as his primary concern.

Clifton B said...



Clifton B said...

Lisa, An American Mom:

Exactly! I see the VA, NJ and MA victories as having more to do with an energized base, than anything the RNC did.

Soloman said...

Really? The Race Card?

Can't we leave that to the leftists already, Mr. Steele?

Be a man and own your mistakes, or step aside and let someone else lead.

rosewood59 said...

In the beginning I supported Steele b/c he seemed fresh, personable, and articulate. Also, much to my own chagrin, I was proud of him because he's a black man willing to lead a conservative party and I thought he could do it. I am ashamed of myself (in case it matters, I'm a TN caucasian). I am ashamed because I bought into the racial aspect good/or bad of having a non-white political leader.

After this latest flap, I am so upset. Please Please Please get a Republican Party leader who is worthy of us Americans -- all of us, black, white, asian, hispanic, indian american and leave the illegitimate racism calls at the dump where they belong. Steels racisim claim is illegitimate. Dump Steel with his claim.

GrenadiAdrian said...

Michael Steele is what I call a funeral dodger. A funeral dodger is someone who doesn't go to funerals not because of the sadness, but because they're not the center of attention. He's Obama-lite. He's done nothing for true to life Republicans but show us that the RNC is full of RINOs who thought by putting a black man as chair would show the world how diverse the party is. When color is of more concern than character, your priorities are screwed up.

Anonymous said...

In my estimation Steele has, for the most part, done an outstanding job with election victories. However, the recent lesbian club visit at the expense of the GOP has illustrated an utterly obvious contradiction in conservative principles. Conservative claim to be fiscally responsible, but the 2,000 sex club reimbursement is irrefutably irresponsible fiscal oversight.

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