Sunday, April 4, 2010

President Petraeus?

Once again I am hearing rumblings of General David Petraeus for president. Today the UK Telegraph is talking up the possibilities of a Patraeus run in 2012. 
[...] Many voters yearn for an outsider, someone with authenticity, integrity and proven accomplishment. Someone who has not spent their life plotting how to ascend the greasy pole, adjusting every utterance for maximum political advantage.
In this toxic climate, perhaps the only public institution that has increased in prestige in recent years is the American military. Its officers are looked upon, as General George Patton once noted, as "the modern representatives of the demi-gods and heroes of antiquity".
Where better to look for Obama's successor, therefore, than in the uniformed ranks? Not since 1952, when a certain Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe during the Second World War, was elected President, have the chances of a military man winning the White House been more propitious. [...] 
I guess the view from the other side of the pond is a wee bit distorted. Americans may long for a president with true integrity, but Americans are also keenly aware of what is going to be required in 2012.  For starters, any successful 2012 candidate is going to have to have impeccable fiscally conservative principles. With all the wild and irresponsible spending taking place now, only a true fiscal conservative will have any chance of setting our financial house in order.

For me, there is another very important criteria, the next president must understand that progressive policies are a threat to our liberties and be gung ho to thwart or set back these insane policies.

As much as a stand up guy as David Patraeus is, I have not seen anything that tells me he meets the criteria above. Unless Patraeus can convince me otherwise, I am not going to take a  risk on him.


Jim McKee said...

I would love to see Allen West run... he'd have my vote.

Chris W said...

Former NM Gov Gary Johnson would fit the bill for 2012.

spc said...

I would advise the Republican party not to hastily choose any candidate as this will be the most important election of our lifetime. This will decide whether or not the current administration's actions are acceptable enough to overlook or to nibble off a chunk or two, or whether or not their actions need to be eradicated by some good ole American values (YES- values can do this).

Although I very much understand the desire to back military personnel, however, those values do not always translate well politically (think General Clark and do not omit the current military/political structure that has allowed our Navy Seals to have to endure persecution).

Lets go as far as we can before declaring a President.

Just a conservative girl said...

I don't know, Military people have to budget; personally I mean. They don't make much money to start with.

I would be willing to listen to what he has to say.

I think it is going to be someone that isn't really on the radar right now. Mitch Daniels has done some good things in Indiana, but he isn't exactly exciting. Jindal is another one, but yet again he isn't get people jumping out of their chairs.

Hot Sam said...

Petraeus is probably the only person who could beat Obama right now. He is untarnished by the world of politics and is a well-respected leader. Regardless of what happens between now and 2012, Obama will win unless there is a Republican who captures the imagination of voters. The economy will be sufficiently "cured" by then for Obama to make any specious claim. In short, he'll pull a Bill Clinton - lose Congress but get re-elected.

Colin Powell disappointed me many years ago by not running. HE would have been the first black president. Instead, he decided to play second fiddle and second guess the people he allowed ahead of him.

SirKnob said...

You never really know a military officer unless you work closely for, or with, them.
There are so many restrictions on what a military officer can say publicly. Often their public views are mandated from above. During the Clinton Presidency they were often reminded to keep their mouths shut on many issues.
Ethic rules for military deny many Constitutional Rights. Military does not have to do anything unethiical to be punished for an ehtics violation. Only the appearance of unethical behavior is necessary to convict.
As we have seen with LTC Allen West, once retired he could open up and offer his personal views.
The General could be conservative, or liberal. My guess would be conservative as liberals in uniform seem to have more leeway when it comes to public opinion. We will only get to know him once he retires from active duty.
I think he would make a great Secretary of Defense, or Homeland Security.
I will reserve my judgement on President.

rosewood59 said...

Well said! We cannot afford to gamble on our choice for the next President of the United States. The General is not on my list. Whoever runs, needs to be the best!

Clifton B said...

Jim McKee:

West certainly knows how to deal with progressives. He also sounds like he understands fiscally conservative principles. If he had a governor as a VP pick, I would vote for him.

Clifton B said...

chris W:

I am going to have to look into Gary Johnson some more. If you think highly of him, he must be worth a look.

Clifton B said...


I too do not see military men automatically making a good choice for President, unless we are at war. The early stages of the War on Terror would have made Patreaus a shoe in.

The 2012 nominee has to be picked with the utmost care. One thing everyone on the right must do is to shun the weak candidates early on. We don't want any of them rising to the top in error (i.e. McCain).

Clifton B said...


I often said that a I can see someone rising from the Tea Parties. An everyday American with common sense. The nation is very ready to be lead by the average Joe or Jane.

Clifton B said...

Nick Rowe:

Obama has a lot to answer for. Unless the economy makes a major rebound by 2012, he is pretty much toast. Obama has gone too far left to track back to the center with any credibility.

Powell totally missed his chance and missed making history. However, seeing how he has abandoned his conservative principles, perhaps it was a good thing he missed the boat.

Clifton B said...


A very astute observation, sir. I like your idea for Patreaus as Homeland Security or Sec of Def.

Clifton B said...


We must do our homework on every candidate whose name starts popping up. This way we can eliminate the bad ones early. Don't want another McCain incident to happen.

Angie Lee said...

I want Thomas Sowell in 2012.

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