Saturday, April 24, 2010

Video: Remember November

We Will Remember from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

The Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) put this video together. The video is well done and has a similar sentiment to the America Rising video. 

Of course highly effective media like this causes the left to panic. Time Magazine is first to wet the bed by suggesting the video title is “speech code” for a Guy Fawkes-like (Remember, Remember The Fifth of November) message. This is such a stretch. The content of the video contains nothing to back up that assertion. As Allahpundit points out, Remember November simply rhymes.

This whole “speech code” silliness is getting a bit much, I think if the video was call Eleven-Two (the date of the midterm elections), the left probably would try to twist that into some violent message too.

Via: Hot Air


Quite Rightly said...

Thanks for posting this. Linked at Bread upon the Waters.

SirKnob said...

You have better software than I have. I could not embed the video when I received it Yesterday. Silly me :-)

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember that movie V for Vendatta during Bush era? It's bacally a movie telling, not suggesting, liberals to set bombs on white house.

See, if you use code words, it'd freaks the left out. If you say "kill conservative," the only complaint they have is the lack of action in the movie.


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