Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Palin Haters have made Sarah Palin into the $12 million dollar woman

ABC News is reporting that since leaving the governor’s office in Alaska Sarah Palin has made more than $12 million dollars.  The total comes from her wildly successful book, what she will rake in for her TLC series and her speaking fees.  The total is actually higher because it is unknown what she makes from her Fox News contract.

The funny thing about Palin’s newfound wealth, is that it never could have been possible had her enemies not tried to bankrupt her with frivolous ethics complaints.  Palin’s main reason for stepping down as governor early was because those frivolous ethics complaints were costing Alaska millions and personally bankrupting her. Had these complaints never happened, Palin would have had to wait until her term was over before she could have published and promoted Going Rogue. She certainly would not have been able to collect a dime from Fox News or her speaking fees.

Many are taking Palin’s windfall as a sign she will not run in 2012. However, it is worth noting that having a large personal fortune makes running for president a whole lot easier. Even Obama got wealthy of his two memoirs before running for office. Having a large personal fortune comes in handy during campaigns because they allow a candidate to skirt funding limits with self financing or supply needed cash when a campaign runs short. At any rate it will be quite interesting to see where Palin goes from here.


Steve Burri said...

C'mon, Clifton!

$12 million... 2012! It's a sign, I tell ya!

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

If I were her, I would sign off the Fox report by putting my feet on my news desk and lighting a cigar with a one hundred dollar bill, as if to say to her detractors:

"In your face."

That's just what I would do.

Anonymous said...

And not a cent of it from taxpayers money. What's the problem? This indicates the underlying strength of the conservative movement. The Tea Party is only the surface manifestation. Goodbye Brrrrrak !

Russell Snow said...

Reminds me of Lt Dan railing against the storm that made him rich in Forrest Gump!

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