Saturday, April 17, 2010

VIDEOS: Black conservatives Bill Randall, Felice Pete and Charles Early speak at Tea Party Rallies

(Hat tip to readers Nicole, Marisa and Joanne for bringing these videos to my attention.)

Bill Randall speaking in Raleigh, North Carolina

Felice Pete also speaking in Raleigh, North Carolina

Charles Early speaking in Charleston, South Carolina


Janelle said...

Don't like him at all...something about him screams phony. Not like West.

Dean said...

I first met Felice at a discussion with Brad Miller and a handful of people against the health care bill this last summer. She was outside with 200 of us protesting the bill. I'm glad she is still out there spreading the word.

Bill's speech was great, but unfortunately, his campaign apparently isn't going extremely well and one of his 3 challengers in the Primary probably has better recognition. Hopefully he'll do well in the Primary and then be able to remove Miller.

Maybe if Felice was on Bill's campaign, it would help things out.

Anonymous said...

Janelle: I have heard Mr. Randall speak at several other events and have found him to be very strong on conservative standards. I do not get the same feeling you do about phoniness. Give his bio a read. I wish him well in the campaign.

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