Saturday, April 24, 2010

EPIC FAIL: Eugene Oregon Anti Palin Protest

Other than this picture providing yet another example of classic liberal hypocrisy, why is this story even news?  It seems to me that from the size of the crowd at the event vs. the number of protesters outside, this protest was an Epic Fail. 
Oregonian: [...] "When the other party's wrong, we stiffen our spines," Palin told about 900 people who attended a fundraising dinner for the Lane County Republican Party. "Why not be the party of not just no, but hell no," she shouted. 
Palin's visit to what is considered Oregon's most liberal city attracted dozens of protesters who waved signs and taunted the mostly well-dressed crowd entering the Eugene Hilton, where the event was held. 

So more people in Oregon’s most liberal city were willing to pluck down good money to hear Palin than were willing to come out and protest her. That isn't what I would call a very successful protest. 

Left Coast Rebel has more background information on the protest organizers.


Anonymous said...

"Why not be the party of not just no, but hell no."

I am not the most vocal supporter of Pain but I think she, perhaps accidentally, enunciated what American politic really meant to be. In the last 60+ years, politics was about screwing over the public so both sides can look civil and compromising. I thought the Founding Fathers wanted us to elect people who FIGHT for their constituency.

A bunch of happy, agreeing, hand-shaking politicians are usually found in socialist and communist countries and fascist states.

During the 90s, when the Communist of China mock the [rather new] Taiwanese democracy, they used the same technique: "look at the in-fighting politicians! Do you really want our country to have politicians fighting [for your rights and future]?"

Many oversea Chinese here felt ashamed and shun democracy in their opinion because "Chinese fighting Chinese" looked bad on TV, they rather it done in forced-labor camps.

I find it interesting that the left wing media are employing the same techniques. Very, very interesting.

2nd Anonymous

John B. Hefmier said...

I live 120 miles from Eugene, and I considered going down there to show my support, but was restrained.
There is a pic. of one of the protestors that has the illusion that one of the Palin children was arrested. The protestor also wrote on his sign that he was willing to give to her some "advise", not advice, as the sign should read, as he is also wearing a "University of Oregon" T-Shirt (so much for higher education).
Another thing is that these protestors have to be racists. They are ALL white. Therefore, they are racists, like those "red-neck TEA Partiers".
A third thing is that The Oregonian (Portland's main newspaper) reported that Bristol was also in Eugene, and she spoke with some Code Pink protestors, face-to-face. That is one gutsy lady. Must get it from her mother.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

The people who don't want hate-free zones are the people so paralysed with hate that they can't see how stupid and thuggish they look.
Mrs. Palin and Miss Coulter, go bowling in Ottawa and then in Eugene, Oregon.

(There are a lot of interesting little eateries in Ottawa, actually, and anyone one of them would want your business. It would be something to put on their "Famous Persons" wall.))

VH said...

Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) in full bloom. Some of the signs illustrate some vivid forms of misogyny but I guess when you have blind-rage hate against someone and you're liberal then it's OK. Shameful.

Maggie said...

Those signs are funny because of the very obvious hypocrisy. One sign says it is a hate free zone, and right behind the sign is one that says "I hope she chokes"? That does not sound like someone who is hate free :) What stupid people.

spc said...

I'll be the rotten apple of the group and I'll explain-

They continue to focus on her because they want us to run her as our candidate.

IMO, They know she would be the easiest candidate to defeat due to the success of their hateful campaign against her.

The more they attack her, the more they solidify her base and they know this. Democrats are master manipulators and we will be better served by an "unknown" candidate with strong conservative support.

Unknown said...

Epic fail? Hey...that's my line...

Good to see the barracuda pull out on top of this one.

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