Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Black Tea Partiers have a few words for the MSM

The more the media tries to push their narrative that the Tea Parties are racists; the more we will see videos like this.  The sister in the beginning of the video is dynamite!

To answer that question about being afraid of Obama because he is black, I say, Obama’s skin color should not scare a soul. Whatever impact his skin color has  on the nation will be minimal and temporary at best. Obama's socialist policies however, have the potential to drastically and negatively impact the rest of our lives and that is the truly something to be scared about. 


Just a conservative girl said...

This is so funny. I met most of them. The Goth guy came across as an inflitator at first, but he was one of the most vocal at the rally. He and his buddies had a bullhorn and kept yelling freedom, and they were really big on gun rights.

The other guy with the glasses was there with his young son, and was really being bothered by another black woman who couldn't understand what he was doing there. They had quite the debate, civil, but intense

Good find

Opus #6 said...

That's very nice. I love to see great Americans in action.

spc said...

Guy with the glasses and the flag over his shoulder was great- I hope America's collective eyes continue to see the division many are trying to create. No issue is a race issue, it is an issue because of what it is. If the elections change our direction, then I would be able to, for once, see that we are moving beyond race as a tool for the left- they may realize this as well.

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

Awesome! The man speaking about Uncle Tom was very impressive. Loved his energy!

Jenny said...


rosewood59 said...

Clifton! Great quality blog. Thanks so much. You keep it going and the indepth investigation/expose is amazing! This is where I come for good news and normal people with sensible comments.

Clifton B said...


I cannot tell you how much I envy the fact that you are in DC. You are right in the middle of the action!

It is too funny that you actually met the people in the video. You should do a post on the video and give the inside scoop.

Clifton B said...

Opus #6:

I have noticed that at the Tea Parties, some of the best speakers are the everyday Joes and Janes.

Clifton B said...


I hear you. This constant harping about color in everything, work, media, school, fashion, etc. It all makes it impossible to move towards a truly equal society.

Clifton B said...

not a minx...:

Shame on me, I have met that brother twice and totally forgot his name. He is from DC and if my old memory serves me correctly he is running for office.

Clifton B said...



Clifton B said...


Thank you Rosewood, hope I can keep you coming back to ABC.

theleftgirl said...

okay, i don't get this.

Democrats back in the 1800s are ENTIRELY different than they are now. Actually, the democrats back then are considered Republicans now, since the switch of govermental role during the Great Depression. (when FDR came to power)

And lots of blacks are democrats because they feel betrayed by the Republicans. I mean most republicans are for big business, upper class tax cuts and little benefits for the poor, and civil rights for women, gays and minorities. Democrats are mostly on the boat for these causes.

example:Lyndon B. Johnson

he was a democrat and he fought for more civil rights and social programs for the people than lots of presidents put together, especially more famously called "The Civil Rights Act of 1964"

And there were democrats who were against civil rights...and they were called Dixiecrats (southern democrats) and also southern republicans were also against it. Mostly everyone who was southern or had heated racial issues in their state was against anything to make blacks more equal.

The Tea party is nothing but a joke, and actually could be hurtful to the republican party. Not everyone is a racist, and i know that. but mostly what i am wondering (And many politcal commentators also) is how is this "movement" so diverse and so amazing and there are all kinds of people if 80% of the people are white, mostly call themselves "right leaning" and "conservative" and most are in their 40s,50s,60s...i mean by the time i get into even my 30s most of the people won't even be living...so how can this party really last?

And where were you guys when Bush spend billions of dollars funding two wars, (especially one that came out of nowhere!), breaking down the economy from the high surge of the 90s? where were was your anger at the government? your signs and red,white and blue shirts, your "politicians" backing you up?

Now, I don't consider any black people in the tea party "oreo" or "whiteys" because they choose what they want to believe in. Because i have been called "oreo" and "whitey" because of my beliefs and how i live life.

I just feel that these people are being contradictory with what they are yelling and screaming about. and how this party can't really stand with only one motive especially without the majority support of other minorities, young people and other poltical parties

and that is all i have to say about that....and I want to have a civil conversation about this, really because frankly, this "party" is a mess.

aleftgirl said...

1. democrats back in the 1800s are NOT like democrats in the present. actually the democrats and republicans had a switch over during the Great Depression with the election of FDR and his role to have government help with the depression (smart move, eh?)

2. I am a democrat and i don't think the tea party people are racist. I have more concern that how can you guys boast your "diversity" when the majority of people are white, old, and republican-leaning...(not much diversity there).

3. and where were you when Bush spent money on two wars that were unneccesary, a country that is taking advantage of us (ahem-Israel) and running the economy in the ground in the first place after the booming economy of Clinton? Where was your anger? your signs and patroitic shirts? your "politicians"?

4. This party fails to have any dimension and only runs on that "the government is too big" but yet you wouldn't like your social security taken away, your medicare/medicaid taken away, civil rights taken away (minorities...), your right to choose taken away...if you are only running on fisical it can only take you so far. cause this country wasn't bulit on "small" government.

5. i want to understand the "Anger" you guys have, but this is a mess.

6. and why the government to be mad at? why not be mad at the millions who don't pay their taxes, the millions who abuse the government...why not take it up to wall street that got us into this mess...

6. and i don't think you guys are racist because you don't like obama policies, because its your opinion, but honestly, why so late? we could of got ourselves out of this mess long ago...

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