Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jindal staffer and boyfriend beaten after fundraiser during SRLC

This was a blowing up into a huge story earlier today on Memeorandum. It was mostly fueled by the rumor that the Jindal staffer and her boyfriend were wearing Palin pins. By this evening, after the blogosphere calmed down, here is what we know. 
Michelle Malkin: This much is clear: Bautsch and her boyfriend were seriously beaten and injured after leaving a fund-raising event held during the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.
The New Orleans Times-Picayune said they were involved in an alteractionwith a “group of people” on Friday night.
Louisiana blog The Hayride has tracked all the developments since the incident took place and notes that the SRLC had attracted large groups of anarchists and other liberal grievance-mongers to protest the GOP gathering.

It is currently unknown if anyone from the liberal protest is to blame for the beatings. It is also known that Bautsch and her boyfriend were not wearing Palin pins.

So as things stand now the cause of this incident is still unknown. It could be another violent New Orleans crime or it could be liberal hate in action. Should it be the latter, conservatives should not hold back shoving this into the left’s face given their collective push to blame all hate on the right.


spc said...

I think the most productive use of such a nasty incident would be to espouse the views of gun rights and their relationship to Democrat controlled regions vs crime statistics.

I don't know that it will be supportive of my POV, but I live in the Chicago area (crook county) which is high crime/highly anti-gun so I am willing to bet that other similar regions depict the same.

Ron B said...

Unfortunately, you and I know that most conservative groups will not do what is required to expose leftist aggression and violence.

P.S. I have not forgot about your email. Been extremely busy will contact you later this week.

Rachel Ann said...

Just hoping the two have a full recovery. Plain awful no matter what the "reason" for the attack was. It shouldn't have happened.

Sparky said...

That is scary! It's difficult to say whether the beatings were because of political beliefs or just the usual crime of Lousyanna. "A soft word turnth away wrath" [which I always practice first] BUT it's yet another reason I carry my gun. :) I hope these folks heal up fast and never stop spreading the good word.

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