Thursday, April 29, 2010

Charlie Crist announces he will run as an Independent

New York Times: MIAMI — Gov. Charlie Crist announced Thursday that he will run independently for the United States Senate, giving Florida a race that will once again make the state a gawk-worthy stage of American politics, where the country's desires, fears and conflicts play out.
Mr. Crist told supporters in his home town of St. Petersburg that his decision to leave the Republican party is "the right thing for America" and "the right thing for Florida."
"My decision to run for the U.S. Senate as a candidate without party affiliation says more about our nation and our state than it says about me," Mr. Crist said. "Unfortunately our political system is broken. I think we need a new tone in Washington." […] 
Did anyone really need a crystal ball to see this coming? Charlie Crist is basically doing exactly what Arlen Specter did, but without the blunt admission. For Crist and Specter it is all about keeping themselves employed on the public dime.

Polling data shows that Rubio is more than capable of beating the Democrat Kendrick Meek. If Charlie Crist really believes that America needs a new tone in Washington, then he should have stepped aside and allowed Rubio to bring it.  By running as an independent, Crist is turning an easy GOP pick up into a crapshoot. Hopefully Florida voters will reject this self-serving opportunist.


Unknown said...

Actually I'll probably support Crist.
I like some of the things he's done as Governor

Janelle said...

The high speed rail perhaps? Can anyone tell me whether Tri=rail is on a paying basis? Anyone, Bueller, Bueller? When do we stop paying politicians to "sponsor legislation and start writing it, taking full responsibility and ownership for every piece of legislation" they sponsor? Charles Crist, I don't think so.

LL said...

Crist is a RINO. And since he couldn't beat Rubio, he became an "independent".

Send in the clowns.

Clifton B said...

Black Man:

If I lived in Florida, I would have to pass on Crist. The man is an opportunist. Just last month he said he would not run as an independent.

Clifton B said...


Can you email me some more info on the high speed rail. I have not been following any of that.

Clifton B said...


Crist is all about himself. Just like Specter, he couldn't get re-elected as a Republican so he just became a Democrat. Principles? Methinks not.

Just a conservative girl said...

I really loved how he said he was doing it for the voters. I have just gotten to the point that people deserve what they get if they vote for people like him. Just like in California, if they re-elect Boxer than I have no sympathy for them. Sadly, it does affect me as well, but we need to stop electing life long politicians who are not concerned about our interests.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I rather think that whatever GOP support Crist takes away from Rubio will be offset by votes from Dems who like Crist's wishy-washy ways.

Bastiat Fan said...

If he truly wants to do something for the people, I have a suggestion: DROP OUT and endorse Rubio. But that would require integrity.

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