Monday, April 12, 2010

Quick thoughts on replacing Justice John Paul Stevens

Due to my crazy schedule and so many other news stories, I allowed the whole Justice Stevens topic to slip past me.  Oops, my bad!

Even though Gerald Ford appointed Stevens, he turned out to be a liberal justice. That being said, Obama picking his replacement will have no impact on the makeup of the court. Republicans are talking about filibustering Obama’s nominee, if that nominee turns out to be radical.

Personally, I think they should save the fireworks just in case one of the conservative justices must be replaced during Obama’s term. What Republicans should do in this instance is to use the nomination process to raise questions about the Constitution, especially where state’s rights are concern. With 18 states now looking to sue over ObamaCare, state’s rights are going to be a major issue. Furthermore such a discussion would serve as a Constitutional refresher course for the public at large.

Obama’s short list for justices once again looks like he is shopping for a female justice. There is even mention of Janet Napolitano as a justice.  That would be a disaster. After Janet’s “the system worked” comment, Republicans could easily question her competence and I think much of the public would agree.

Today the latest name being mentioned is former Georgia Supreme Court chief justice Leah Ward Sears, a black woman. She is said to be a friend of Justice Clarence Thomas and was appointed by Mell Zeller. Make no mistake she is a lefty, but she doesn't appear to be way out there in lefty land.


Joaquin said...

He's replacing a Lib with a Lib and the Republicans shouldn't make a big deal. It is what it is!

trinity said...

I heard Leah Ward Sears speak on C-SPAN last year, and I did some research on her. I am not sure she is all that liberal on all issues. She seems to even lean a bit conservative on issues dealing with the family. She was on the list the first go around, and I was hoping Obama would choose her, but he chose Sotomayor, instead.

spc said...


I agree with your article 100%. Save the ammo for the important fights. Although I believe that a SC justice appointment is important (very important) we have to examine what changes there will be, and what actual outcomes are realistic.

Sydney Lawyer said...

I don't think filibustering Obama's nominee would be a good idea. Stephens was liberal judge and will be replaced by a liberal judge. It would be almost impossible for the Republicans to gain an electoral mandate for rejecting Obama's candidate.

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