Friday, April 23, 2010

What happened, David Brooks? Let me tell you …

Know nothing elitist David Brooks laments today in the New York Times about what went wrong after Obama got elected. Brooks decries the dramatic shift to the right now the public can actually see what Hope and Change is all about. 
Brooks: ... The center has been losing political power pretty much my entire career. But I confess that about 16 months ago I had some hope of a revival. The culture war, which had bitterly divided the country for decades, was winding down. The war war — the fight over Iraq and national security — was also waning.
The country had just elected a man who vowed to move past the old polarities, who valued discussion and who clearly had some sympathy with both the Burkean and Hamiltonian impulses. He staffed his administration with brilliant pragmatists whose views overlapped with mine, who differed only in that they have more faith in technocratic planning.
Yet things have not worked out for those of us in the broad middle. Politics is more polarized than ever. The two parties have drifted further to the extremes. The center is drained and depressed.
What happened?
What happened? I’ll tell you what happened Mr. Brooks. Stupid people like you, who run around pretending they are so smart and pragmatic, drank gallons of Hope and Change Kool Aid. If you were half as smart as you pretend to be, you would have taken a look at Obama’s limited record and sketchy past, and concluded that electing him president would have been risky at best or dangerous at worst.

Now that Obama is dragging the nation kicking and screaming toward a European socialist model, your much admired middle is beating a hot retreat to the right. Their hope is to bring the nation back somewhere towards the center by 2012. My advice to you Mr. Brooks is that you stop writing these stupid columns and join them.

Join the middle in their retreat to the right; because that will be the only way you will ever see that dream of a small and energetic government.  Should that dream be realized, know this Mr. Brooks, such a government requires a very active and alert electorate; an electorate that can see politicians in the most stark and realistic terms before voting for them. People who pick their presidents because they have sharp creases in their pants are completely ill suited for the task.


Anonymous said...

Amen sir, Amen. You laid it out perfectly.

Here, maybe this video that I took at the Clinton Twp, MI (it was classified as the Detroit stop) TEA Party COUNTER-Protest will cleanse your palette after reading Brooks' drivel:

Enjoy sir! I also have Victoria Jackson's entertaining performance in my meager video offerings.

Anonymous said...

This man isn't only the epitome of stupidity, but also of denial. All those traits he listed are so polarized opposite of reality and he's wondering what went wrong? Denial of facts has lead to great disaster, just look at Pearl Habor as an example. Americans, especially those in government, refused to face facts that dispite the Japanese claim of a desire for peace, their actions clearly expressed their lust for war. It wasn't til we were hit at Pearl Habor that we realize how wrong we were. This fool still holds to the denial that Obama was benevolent in his agenda. The he really wanted to move past old polarities when he went to a racist church for two decades, having sympathy with Burkean and Hamiltoian impulses when he was socialist by nature, valued discussion when he either shouted down, insulted, or just plain eliminated opposition to him during his entire poltical career. Forget the Kool Aid, I want to know what he's smoking because denail like that require some potent hallucinogen. What went wrong? This man isn't just stupid. He's blind, deaf, dumb and paryalized.

Teresa said...

You hit the nail on the head. David Brooks drank the Kool Aid and a lot of it. Obama put him in a dreamy trance so he avoided the picture written right on the wall- saying Obama has always been a left wing radical and not a centrist.

These two videos are of Pittsburgh and D.C. Tea Parties that I attended. They are both of Rev. C.L. Bryant. I had the magnificent pleasure of him riding on our bus on the way to D.C. He was so interesting to listen to talk on various issues. Enjoy!

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Perfectly stated! This is exactly what is happening and why. There are many of us who are conservative but not raging right wingers, and we want to get back to center. If that means over-correcting farther to the right than *we* may be ideologically to do so, so be it.

And thanks for the blog of the day mention. I'm honored.

Just a conservative girl said...

I still don't understand how people can say they are shocked about how is leading. Everything that you needed to know was in his own words with his books. I honestly don't get how anyone thought he was a centerist. It is more than just drinking the kool aid. It was Bush bashing and pure stupidty.

Oh, thanks for the good wishes.

Janelle said...

Ratings taking another hit again and ad revenue begins to follow. Funny, the WSJ isn't in danger of going bankrupt.
Outstanding post, when you really get on a roll!

rosewood59 said...

Clifton. You really kicked his rear! Good for you. Brooks doesn't just drink the kool-aid. He is what kool aid is made of. He is certainly not a center player and never had been. He's a pure unaltered elitist firmly encased in the left dogma.

Note to Fuzzy Slippers: Thanks for a great post.

Bob Belvedere said...

A well-deserved Fisking, my friend, well-deserved.

Quoted from and Linked to at:
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