Friday, April 30, 2010

Who is the mystery man at the health care protest?

Big Government is hunting down all the video it can find of the March 20 health care protest, to find the Tea Partiers chanting the N-word. Still no such video can be found, however in their search they did find a mystery man. 
BigGovernment: While scouring the thousands of videos that exist on YouTube from the March 20th health care bill protests in Washington DC, we were able to uncover four different angles of the Cannon Office Building at the precise moment Rep. Andre Carson and Rep. John Lewis descended the steps on their way to Capitol Hill.
We have noticed that there is a mystery man positioned at the bottom of the steps of the Cannon Building with a video camera.  He is in the exact position to capture the moment that Rep. Carson later described to reporters.  He is dressed in a dark suit and he is wearing some kind of credential on his jacket.
Who is this guy? 

My best guess, congressional aide. The CBC members were clearly expecting something when they took their walk across the street. Jesse Jackson Jr. had two cameras rolling and another fellow in the group also had a camera rolling. So it would not surprise me if they had a congressional aide waiting at the ready.

If any of you readers know who this guy is, email BigGovernment:


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Well my thought would not be a congressional aide with luggage in tow but would explain why his video has not been seen as nothing happened.

My guess would be foriegn reporter or lobbyist. Foriegn press fawn over Hussein and again explains the lack of availability to his video.

In the case of him being a lobbyist (foriegn or not) he would be collecting sounds bites for future use against his clients target and here again the video will not be available until such time as needed, if ever.

McClatchy Watch said...

Here is the malicious McClatchy headline: Tea Party protesters scream 'nigger' at black congressman

Hot Sam said...

Maybe the congressman knows a black guy named Bill. The protesters kept shouting to kill him.

Or maybe they just liked the Tarantino film.

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