Monday, August 31, 2009

Sarah Palin, back by popular demand

Politico is reporting today that former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin is beginning to look at over 1,000 offers for paid speaking engagements and public appearances. Politico goes on to report that there are 120 candidates for office seeking her to stump for them.

MSNBC has an AP story (Note: AP stories about Palin should be taken with a huge grain of salt) that Palin will have her first paid speaking engagement in Hong Kong at the CLSA Investors Forum.

As much as the left would love to have us believe that Sarah Palin is irrelevant, especially after stepping down early, the proof says otherwise. I hope Sarah makes a truckload of money on speaking fees (rumored to be six figures per speech) just like Bill Clinton does. She and her family have more than earned it.

I further hope that while at the CLSA Investors forum, Palin uses the opportunity to skewer the Obama administration for its ridiculous spend your way out of bankruptcy economic policy. That foolish policy certainly hasn’t received nearly enough attention.

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Josh Painter said...

If she does skewer the Obama Admin. in Hong Kong, the Left will denounce her for "dissing America while on foreign soil" -- something leftists are famous for doing themselves.

But then it's not like liberal hypocrisy is anything new...

- JP

Clifton B said...

Josh Painter:

No matter what Palin does in Asia, the left will paint it as a stunning failure. When it comes to Palin they just cannot see clearly for beans.

j summett said...

I have loved Sarah from day one. She was the biggest reason I voted for McCain. He is a tepid Republican at best, but Sarah... Well, she does wonders for my conservative soul!!!

Love your blog!! Have started following you recently.

Soloman said...

I so wish she would move here to Arizona and challenge McCain for his seat in 2010...

Clifton B said...

J Summett:

Sarah stole my heart the second she said elected officials must have "a servant's heart". That phrase rings in my ears daily as I watch the arrogance in Washington on full display.

Clifton B said...


Palin defeating McCain for his senate seat, that would be Karma x 10! I still get mailing from that old fart, even though I repeatedly told them I want off their list.

Meadow said...

This 'inane' 'nonentity' 'disgraced' Lady, surely does make the Lefts heads spin.

Too bad she doesn't have 'substance', isn't it?

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