Thursday, December 17, 2009

Al Franken cuts off Joe Lieberman from speaking on Senate floor

Al Franken must be trying to brush up his radical left street cred. This type of behavior is just so stupid. Did it ever dawn on Franken what would happen if he really pissed off Lieberman to the point he joins Republicans in a filibuster?  If you are trying to keep 60 votes together to pass the mother of all stinker bills, the last thing you need is to give anyone any reason to vote no.

Franken's spokesperson said the reason Al Franken cut off Lieberman was because they wanted to rush through the defense spending bill so that they could get back to the health care bill (you know, the one everyone should vote for without seeing a word of it).

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Bz said...

UNbeLIEVABLE. What a complete joke... This is what happens when 'BADFOONS' get into office.

SuperDave said...

The Commedian Al Frankin stopped Joe Lieberman when Frankin stated " in my capacity as Senator from Minnesotta, I object."

Frankin was sitting in the position of a Senate Committee, therefore, he was the "Chairman" of the committee and not serving in his capacity of Senator from Minnesotta.

The proceedings were wrong, because Leiberman could have gone on because Frankin objected only as a representative member of the Senate.

It would have taken a simple majority of the Senate to confirm his objection, but Lieberman just allowed Commedian Frankin to cut him short.

Velcro said...

Not Franken's first idiocy, doubtless not his last.

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