Thursday, December 10, 2009

Michael Williams for US Senate

Meet Michael Williams. He is running for the US Senate seat in Texas, the one being vacated by Kay Baily Hutchinson. This guy is a real conservative and knows how to apply conservative values to modern day problems. Check him out at Williams For Texas.


Anonymous said...

I heard Mr Williams speak at the recent Redstate gathering in Atlanta, GA; instead of standing behind a podium he stood front and center and let the motivational words flow from his heart.

evmick said...

First I've heard of him.
I'm a Texan. My GRANDFATHER was a Texan...and I'm sity years old. I dunno about this guy.

The good thing is he's running agains Kay "Bail Out" Hutchinson. The Senator who was for term limits before she was against them?

The bad thing is he sounds like and acts like a politician. Even though I like what he says. I've been lied too before. Once burned twice shy.

Still...I'd vote for him if he's running for a NEW office.

I'm against incumbents.

Re-boot Congress. Re-elect Nobody.

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