Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nation split on Republican or Democrat control of Congress

From CNN
Washington (CNN) – Eleven months before crucial midterm elections, a national poll indicates that the public is divided over whether the country would be better off with Democrats or Republicans controlling Congress.
According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Thursday, 40 percent of people questioned say the U.S. would be better off if Democrats ran Congress while 39 percent feel things would be better if Republicans took charge on Capitol Hill. The 1-point margin is a statistical tie.

Full results (pdf)
Support for Democrats is down from a 10-point advantage in August and a 25-point margin in January.
Republicans should send flowers to the Democrats for this switch in the polls. It has been Democrats irresponsible spending, terrible policies and total arrogance that have soured the American people against Democrats.  I am hard pressed to think of a single thing the Republicans have done to earn support. 
Even with the healthcare debate, many Republicans are offering fixes to the bad bill, rather than calling for it to be killed outright. If we look further at CNN’s poll we will see that the public isn’t supporting the bill anyway, so why not just flat out oppose it? 

If Republicans really want to reclaim control of both houses, then they are going to have to do a whole lot better than just sitting by and letting the Democrats blow it.

Via: CNN


Spinsterpov said...

They're going to have to do some mia culpa and admit that they overspent and that they have listened to the will of the people. Without that admission, when they say they'll be conservative fiscally people will just say, yeah right, and remain ambivalent.

The best thing they can do is push the "you spoke and we listened" message considering that a large part of the current frustration is that Dems aren't listening to the voice of the people.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could say I was suprised, but the Repubs aren't standing by their principals but using the demoncrats motto only now it's "Obama and the dems have done it". Obama and the dems won because the Repubs did such a horrid job and went too far to the left. Failing to go back to the right is going to leave the American people bewildered and frustrated and could threaten this republic because if the demoncrats hold the majority of both houses in the midterms, they will go hog crazy with their leftist agenda with no fear whatsoever..

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

So far, it's working.

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