Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bristol Palin sues for full custody of Tripp

In a normal setting this should be a slam dunk for Bristol. Since announcing the break up between her and Levi, Bristol has quietly gone about her business.  She has gotten her high school diploma and is diligently working to provide for her son. Levi on the other hand has gone about trying to cash in on publicly trashing the grandmother of his son and exposing himself to the public. There has been no indication anywhere that he has even tried to provide for his son and Levi certainly isn’t thinking about his son’s future.  Levi’s demand to make this hearing public is proof of that.

Now  without knowing who the judge is in this case, it is hard to tell if this is going to become a circus that leads to the travesty of Levi getting custody. Already we can see the lunatic thinking coming from the Palin Hating crowd.  Exhibit A: Palin obsessed Andrew Sullivan is already trying to paint Sarah Palin as a bully for wanting to keep the proceeding private.  Sullivan would want a public spectacle because it feeds his school girl crush on Palin.

No doubt we will be hearing a lot more about this custody battle.  Pray sane heads prevail and Bristol ends up winning.


Tammy said...

If she doesn't get custody after all his trash talking, partying in Hollywood and posing nekkid, let alone his complete lack of any kind of support for his son, we will know that something is mighty rotten in the state of Alaska.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Why wouldn't Mrs. Palin want this privately dealt with? It's none of ANYONE'S business. As for Levi, well, let's hope this wastrel doesn't get custody or publicity over this.

Jeff Stone said...

Just exactly what every loving, hard-working, court-stymied, uphill-battle-fighting Dad in this country needs is another waste of skin getting front and center attention to cast a shadow over us.

Alas, there is a God so he will get everything he has coming to him - eventually.

Just a conservative girl said...

I would think that child custody matters would be private. Normally they try to keep these things from turning into a circus for the sake of the child. Granted this is a small baby that can't read, but he will read one day.

That is my biggest problem with Levi, isn't their any adult in his life to explain to him that his son is going to know all this nonsense one day?

Janelle said...

I didn't realize that anyone looked at Sullivan's site anymore..... three, four years ago, maybe. But now, why bother?

Kelsey said...

Levi has, in essence, been using his son as leverage for his own financial gain. If that's not grounds for granting Bristol sole custody, I don't know what is. But no matter how the judge rules in this case, at least using Tripp as a bargaining chip will stop.

The reason Levi never actually filed for anything even though he was whining to high heaven to every tabloid journalist who would listen, is because once this issue is resolved, Levi will no longer be able to use Tripp as an excuse to cry to the media. His gravy train will be cut off.

This is why even though he threatened to go to court, I knew he was blowing steam. And it later came out that he had no intention of ever suing for custody, he only did it as a warning to the Palins because he thought that Bristol was going to sue for custody, which she now has.

This proves that Levi has been lying about being cut off from his son all along. He never had any intention of filing anything, but he did have a personal financial interest in dragging this issue out. Whatever happens in court, at least his gravy train will be severed and the kid will have to get a real job. Hopefully.

Bristol is suing for full legal custody with a visitation schedule for Levi. To me this is perfectly reasonable seeing as she is obviously the responsible adult in this situation. But anything can happen in court. Butler is a slick lawyer and the judge has already shown questionable judgement by allowing this case to be opened to the public.

Prayers are in order.

Clifton B said...


Did you read Going Rogue? Sarah stepped on quite a few toes in AK. It is very possible there is a judge who will flub the whole thing.

Clifton B said...


Levi will milk this for every second of TV time he can get. That is what it is all about for him. Sadly, Levi is going to wake up one day to realize that the pennies he has earned now has cost him dearly in the future.

Clifton B said...

Jeff Stone:

You make a good point. There are many upstanding Dads fighting the good fight for custody and Levi ain't helping.

Clifton B said...


Oh there are adults advising Levi, the problem is they all have axes to grind with Palin. At Levi's age he should have enough sense in his head to know he is being used. Even if he is that dumb, you would think some sense of fatherhood would kick in and make him chill.

Clifton B said...


You are correct, I should know better than to enter Sully's demented world. But like a nasty car accident, you just cannot help but look sometimes.

Clifton B said...


Excellent take on Levi! You are right about the judge's decision to open the proceedings. It should be painfully obvious that Levi is want to benefit from the drama.

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