Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Michael Steele calls out Mike Barnicle for “You People” comment

Well good for Michael Steele for pointing out that “you people” description. We all know that if a white Republican or white conservative used that description to a black liberal, no matter what the context, that white person would have been hung out to dry.

I do question why Steele wastes his time going on MSNBC. That station has made it quite clear that they are not about objective journalism in any way shape of form. As such it viewers are mainly, if not exclusively at this point, hardcore lefties.  What does Steele hope to accomplish going on there? A conversion? Doubtful.

As to the first video, rather than not answering the question, Steele should have pulled a Palin.  When Matt Laurer interviewed Palin on the Letterman dust up, Laurer tried to offer up Letterman’s sorry excuse saying he meant Sarah’s other daughter. Palin fired back:
“Matt, you and anybody else are extremely naïve to believe that very convenient excuse…” 
Same thinking applies here. It is naïve to believe that Harry Reid did not mean to smear Republicans as racists, sexists and so forth with his stupid comment. Steele should have made that quite clear. Stop playing the Democrats old games.

Via: Politico


Janelle said...

MSNBC and terrible ratings. What is Mr. Steele thinking? Or better, what the sam hill is the Republican Party thinking? There is a reason for the bad poll numbers, boys and girls in Congress. Do you hear us now? None of you will squeak by. Unless you clean it up or start by 2010 and keep it up for a long time.You have really pissed off the voters who vote in every election on every level.

Bruce said...

Steele ISN'T thinking. That is one of the problems, and the NRC isn't going to be any more effective until he's gone.

Actually at this point I tend to think the GOP is totally lost anyway, so it matters not who "leads" the committee. The NY-23 debacle should have settled the question of what Steele and the NRC is all about - and it AIN'T taking back our country from the current batch of crooks, liars, and ultra-partisan leftists.

Per the "Monk" theme song ... "I could be wrong ... but I don't think so ..."

Soloman said...

The only thing I can say related to Steele appearing on MSDNC is that he was on Scarborough's show, which is right in his wheelhouse. Joe's a middle-of-the-road mushy type too who doesn't want to discuss real issues like Commies in the White House (Van Jones), Climategate, and 20 years in Wright's church... just to name three of countless issues.

Clifton B said...


I think Steele still has that whole "big tent" nonsense stuck in his head. He must feel that if he puts on a good show on MSNBC, he might just convert someone. NOT!

Clifton B said...


The GOP has been so ineffective for so long, I am not sure they can get their acts together. What we all must do is elect conservative whose heads are screwed on straight. If we can pack the GOP with those types of people there maybe hope.

Clifton B said...


Scarborough isn't what I would call a real conservative. Remember his book that came out at the beginning of the year? He advocated moving to the left. Considering that a hypothetical Tea Party would clean the GOP's clock, I would have to say that Scarborough missed the boat by a mile.

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