Monday, December 21, 2009

When Dreams Collide

As we watch the drama of the Democrats’ health care reform bill play out, we are actually witnessing the collision of two dreams. The first dream is the Democrats’ dream. This is the dream of government run health care, the crown jewel of FDR’s New Deal.  For the Democrats this dream has been 40 years in the making. Never before have the stars align to give the Democrats the opportunity to place this jewel in the crown. The election of 2008 gave them all they needed to realize their dream; they got control of the White House and both chambers of Congress.

For the Democrats it is now or never for government run health care. As we watch buy off after buy off, one ignored public opinion poll after another, we realize that the Democrats are willing to sacrifice all to achieve their dream. Success is closely at hand for the Democrats, it will probably destroy their brand for years to come. If not decades to come, but their dream will be realized, make no mistake about that.

The second dream is the classic American Dream. This is the dream we have all been told, that foreigners risk life and limb to achieve. It is the dream that says hard work and ingenuity can pay off for you, your children and your children’s children if you are bold enough and strong enough to reach of it.  This is the dream that speaks to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As the Democrats go about pursuing their dream with cunning, guile and brute force, many of us have awake to realize our dream, the American Dream, is being sacrificed. Soon too be gone is our right, the individual’s right, to chart our own course to pursue the American Dream without the dictates of government interference. Many folks have awakened from their slumber of cynicism and indifference.  They have taken to the streets in the form of Tea Parties to voice their objections, to finally speak out for the American Dream of old. But here is the question, are we willing to fight for our dream?

WHEN the Democrats achieve their dream of government run health care and they gain new control of our lives, will we shrink back to our old ways and accept defeat? Will we simply wait until 2010 or 2012 to voice our objection or are we willing to do more?

Are we willing to stand strong and reclaim our dream? Will we work tirelessly to turn back this awful legislation? Will we stay vigilant and work to destroy the fertile grounds that progressive thinking thrives in (a progressive tax structure, activist courts, class envy, victimhood, etc)?

When my grandparents emigrated here from Jamaica, they worked tirelessly to achieve their dreams; they opened a tailor shop and purchased property. From their success, they were able to provide a college education for their children (my parents, aunts and uncles). Today I have achieved my success, going from an oppressive and tiresome job on Wall Street to being self employed doing what I love.

I want future generations to know, what it is like to achieve the American Dream like I have, like my parents have and like my grandparents before them. This is why I choose to fight for my dream, the American Dream. I will not simply run to the polls come 2010 or 2012, instead I will work tirelessly to speak out against the progressive agenda, now and ways. I will attend Tea Parties, I will go to protests, and I will do what it takes to align the stars for my dream, the American Dream. Are you willing to do the same?


Rosie O'Grady said...

What a refreshing statement! I do love your blog, and intend to follow it. For years it seemed that our opinion didn't matter, but then came the tea parties, and we are being some. I am amazed that some of the dead beats in Washington are oblivious to the uproar, and I hope it spells their demise. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The other day I gave my copy of Levin's Liberty and Tyranny to a recent legal immigrant from Hungary who two years ago paid $10 grand and filled out all the paperwork to bring his family here for a better life.

Thus far he has only known the myopically provincial world of insane NYC which has infected his view of the entire country.

I gave him Liberty and Tyranny as a welcome to America gift and after speaking further to him about the indomitable American spirit I believe he is another American ready to join our cause for freedom.

By every means necessary the Statist tyrants now in charge will be overthrown!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Thank you.

At times like these, when happenings seem to just keep rolling on like a steam roller... It can get depressing. We can feel like; "Oh what's the use?"

Thank you for injecting us with Courage!

And of course, I'm linking to this post!

Janelle said...

Meetup is an easy tool to find a tea party group in your area or to start one.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Beautifully put and moving. You summarized my thoughts to a 'T'. I am simply too discouraged and irritated to write like this today. Well done.

Just a conservative girl said...

I am going through this burnout thing at the moment. There is a flash tea party at Senator Webb's office on Wednesday afternoon. There is a part of me that is saying "why bother", but you are right. We need to stand and fight, not just for ourselves, but more importantly for our kids.

Clifton B said...

Rosie O' Grady:

Thanks for following. We are all awake now, the challenge is to stay awake and make sure the next generation doesn't fall asleep either.

Once we all start keeping an eye on Washington's dealings then we can start throwing them out one by one and keeping a vigilant eye on the new ones.

Clifton B said...


Amazing story! That is the right idea, we must spread the word and challenge these wrong headed leftist views.

Clifton B said...

Aunt Amelia:

They want us to just give up and be beaten down. The answer is to stand firm even if we lose. Sooner or later they will blink.

Clifton B said...


Thanks for the heads up!

Clifton B said...


Don't get dejected. We need you on your A-Game!

Clifton B said...


Nope don't give up! Find new tactics, even if Obamacare passes, we must be like the Borg and just keep coming at them. They will blink sooner or later.

Bob Belvedere said...

1) Well said Clifton. Thank you for the call to arms. Like LCR, I have had trouble holding back my fury, so you spoke for me.

2) Are you willing to do the same?

That's a question we all must seriously consider. If we are willing, I think we also have to look straight in the eye Questions We Can No Longer Avoid.

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