Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Man wins lottery and leaves wife flat broke

I noticed this story while checking Google Trends and Saberpoint today. I know this isn’t a political story, so we will just file it under Rule 5.

A South Florida woman whose husband won the lottery and then left her was set to be evicted from her home Tuesday evening. Donna Campbell was given until Tuesday to pack up and leave the Miramar home she once shared with her husband, Arnim Ramdass.
“I have asked myself over and over what I did to deserve this, to deserve this ending,” Campbell said.
Ramdass and several other airline mechanics won $19 million in a June 2007 lottery jackpot. Instead of sharing the wealth, Campbell said her husband did not tell her about his win and eventually left her. MORE 
Talk about cold. While I could understand a husband leaving a not so stellar wife after winning the lottery, I don’t see why he had to be so cold and leave her flat broke without a word. That is just cruel. At the very least pay off the mortgage for her, so she doesn’t become a burden of the state. He could have also followed Saberpoint’s advice and enjoyed a lifetime of the toilet seat in the upright position.


Timeshare Jake said...

Wouldn't she be entitled to half of it? All she has to do is have the money frozen until a judge rules on their divorce.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Mean, just mean.
And before Christmas, too.

Diana said...

I hate to make assumptions--but is there any chance that Arnim Ramdass is a Muslim, who might easily flee to a place with Sharia law (either explicit as in Muslim countries or implicit as in UK and Europe)wherein his wife will have no recourse?

TooMuchTime said...

Bungalow Bill has it right. All she has to do is to get a lawyer. Any lawyer will have dollar $ign$ in his eyes when she tells him what happened.

Geez, I'm surprised that an ambulance chaser hasn't contacted her already!

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