Friday, December 18, 2009

Obama’s speech in Copenhagen

From Politico
COPENHAGEN — A visibly angry Barack Obamathrew down the gauntlet at China and other developing nations Friday, declaring that the time has come "not to talk but to act" on climate change.
Emerging from a multinational meeting boycotted by Chinese Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, Obama warned delegates that U.S. offers of funding for poor nations would remain on the table “if and only if” developing nations, including China, agreed to international monitoring of their greenhouse gas emissions.
"I have to be honest, as the world watches us... I think our ability to take collective action is doubt and it hangs in the balance,” Obama told the COP-15plenary session as hope for anything more than a vague political in agreement faded.
“The time for talk is over, this is the bottom line: We can embrace this accord, take a substantial step forward. We can do that and everyone who is in this room will be part of an historic endeavor or we can choose delay,” he said. MORE
This is comical. Would someone please tell Obama that we are China’s bitches now?  Lets put aside the fact that Obama is willing to waste billions we don’t have on junk science. Trying to force China into an agreement by pledging money we have to borrow from them in the first place, has got to be the worst bluff in the history of man.  The Chinese government is probably still laughing their asses off over that one.

If this is all Obama has, he had better prepare himself for another Rio episode. The Chinese are firmly in control at Copenhagen and trying to ply them with their own money was a fool’s errand.

Via: Politico


Anonymous said...

Why should we be surprised about anything Comrade Zero does or says? Of course he's willing to sell the country down the river! Ya'll didn't know? Too bad, so sad. This guy was the change that so many brain-dead doof-a-zoids in this country voted for and we're just going to have to suffer through it. If by the grace of providence the USA survives and there is a "next time", maybe people will make certain they're much more informed BEFORE they make choices in the voting booth!

Janelle said...

Clifton, this post is fabulously funny! Not only did I burst out laughing, then the word to print it is prideful. O.K., missing an l, how perfectly appropriate for the One.

Jess said...

China's bitches, indeed. I wonder if Obama has selected his lipstick?

jodetoad said...

This is all so pathetic. I hope as a people we learned something from electing the big O.

What do you want to bet that he starts acting like an angry spoiled little boy?

Constructive Feedback said...

This ain't about China.

"Global Warming" provides various anti-capitalists around the world an opportunity to regulate capitalism and globalism.

The theory is that today corporations are able to exit well governed nations with strong organized labor, going to underdeveloped lands and exploiting their national resources and human resources.

The "End of the Earth" maniacal rantings will allow these global leftists to build up a framework of control over those forces that they previously could not figure out how to stifle.

Clifton B said...


Voting for Obama in 2008 was treated like a fad. Just like owning a pet rock or a mood ring, it was a cool thing to do at the time. Come 2012 after 4 years of getting the shaft, many of those fools would have learned their lesson the hard way.

Clifton B said...


"Prideful"? The digital gnomes are having a field day today, LOL!

Clifton B said...


I wonder if Obama has selected his lipstick?

ROTFLMBAO! You get the comment of the day

Clifton B said...


I often wondered what would happen if Obama did not get his way on anything. Would he try to take it out on us? His ego seems to indicate yes.

Clifton B said...

Constructive Feedback:

Oh, make no mistake, Man Caused Climate Change is all about control (so is health care reform).

However, China is important because they control us now and so long as that relationship exists, then it is up to them to decide how to exert that control (i.e. the agreements on climate change).

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