Wednesday, December 16, 2009

UPDATED: Hillary Clinton “going rogue” on Obama’s Iran policy?

Oh my, Hillary admits what we have all seen and expected; talking your head off to Iran is an exercise in futility. She was kind enough to say their efforts have "produced little" rather than admitting that it has "produced the big goose egg".

I still believe that if Obama starts to permanently stink, Hillary will jump ship and run against him in 2012.  Just like Palin, Hillary could run on a campaign of “I told ya so”.

UPDATE: Hillary's approval rating soars

If this keeps up, you had better believe that Hillary is jumping ship.
From Politico:

A new poll of avid news watchers shows that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a much higher approval rating than the man she once campaigned against and now works for, President Barack Obama.

In the poll of 800 registered voters who are self-identified “news watchers,” Clinton had a 75 percent approval rating and a 21 percent disapproval rating overall. Obama, in contrast, had a 51 percent approval and a 45 percent disapproval rating.


Jess said...

Hillary lays on the bank like a big crocodile, waiting for the right time to slip into the water, ease to the bank, and take her prey.

I'm thinking Obama is really hurting, probably won't recover his adulation, and Hillary is waiting for the moment. She's testing her limits, which will change as she gets away with more disagreement.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Hillary looks out for Hillary. If that knife in your back is initialed "H", that's not the Cyrillic letter for N.
Just saying.

Janelle said...

A grin to you, Jess...... D.C. is a swamp. If anyone from Florida believes the giant pythons are a problem in S. Florida (and they are), the politicians in Washington are far worse. For an ironic twist, just visit Senator Bill Nelson's website and check out the glamour shot of Bill and call me Senator Boxer, ma'am on his website.
Where are those pythons when you need them?

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