Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Girly Man Schwarzenegger seeks $8 billon bailout for California

Oh, so that Arnold Schwarzenegger was acting all Girly Man and gave Obama an “A” for effort.

From The LA Times

Reporting from Sacramento - Facing a budget deficit of more than $20 billion, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to call for deep reductions in already suffering local mass transit programs, renew his push to expand oil drilling off the Santa Barbara coast and appeal to Washington for billions of dollars in federal help, according to state officials and lobbyists familiar with the plan.
If Washington does not provide roughly $8 billion in new aid for the state, the governor threatens to severely cut back -- if not eliminate -- CalWORKS, the state's main welfare program; the In-Home Health Care Services program for the disabled and elderly poor, and two tax breaks for large corporations recently approved by the Legislature, the officials said.
Schwarzenegger also will propose extending a cut in the state payroll that is scheduled to expire this summer. That cut has translated into 200,000 state workers being furloughed three days a month, the equivalent of a 14% pay cut. Lawmakers would have the option of extending the furloughs, imposing layoffs or some combination of the two. MORE

California created their own mess and still refuses to be adults and live within their means. I see no good reason why the rest of us should bail them out. Is it not bad enough that Dingy Harry’s backroom deals will force us to pick up Nebraska’s Medicare payments and host of other things?

If Schwarzenegger gets this bailout, expect to see other broke states line up with their hands out. Worse yet, with each bailout, Washington will gain new control and Obama will no doubt be cashing in favors too.

Let California go bankrupt, it’s the type of tough love they desperately need.

P.S. Left Coast Rebel, let me know where and when to send the Care Packages to see you through the rough spots.


Spinsterpov said...

All these stupid bailouts do is encourage bad behavior. California needs to deal with it's own issues. It is absurd to require the people of other states to subsidize the crazy spending of a single state.

If congress bails out CA it will just move the country one step closer to full revolution.

Bruce said...

In 1975 New York City went bankrupt. No bailouts, no federal "assistance" - just cuts in services, layoffs, etc. Why should Kalifornication be any different? They probably are top heavy with political patronage jobs and fluffers anyway - let'em go down with the ship.

The Griper said...

what the governor needs to do is take a lesson from orange county in california. they had this same problem a few years back.

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