Friday, December 4, 2009

Obama changes date for Copenhagen: Mighty Mouse is on his way

From The Swamp
President Barack Obama will push back his visit to the international climate change treaty negotiations in Copenhagen from the first week of the conference to its final scheduled day, a senior White House official said this afternoon.
The move comes in response to greenhouse gas emissions reduction pledges made in recent days by China and India. It will put Obama at the conference at the same time as dozens of other heads of state, and it immediately raises expectations anew for some type of climate agreement to result from the talks.
By switching his visit from Dec. 9 to Dec. 18, Obama appears to be betting that his presence can - as he has expressed hope for several times in the past - push the negotiations "over the top" toward an agreement.
This also will mean two Scandanavian journeys for the president: He will fly to Oslo for the Dec. 10 awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize and was going to pair that with his stop iin Copenhagen. Now, he will have to return to Denmark the following week. MORE
Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this the same line of thinking that lead to his embarrassing epic fail with the Olympics?  Someone really needs to tell Obama that on the world stage he ain’t all that. Nations do not cling to his every word, they are not feeling all Kumbaya and quite frankly after all that bowing and scraping they may not even respect him.

If Obama is determined to play Mighty Mouse, then I hope he has a repeat performance like the Olympics. He should take Palin’s advice and boycott Copenhagen until we can get to the bottom of Climategate. To go to Copenhagen and make all sorts of US promises and concessions in the middle of a developing scandal is the height of foolishness and irresponsiblity.

Oh, and don’t think I didn’t notice the complete waste of our tax dollars by flying to Copenhagen twice!  The man is beyond irresponsible.

H/T to Chuckman’s Cartoon Comments for the Obama as mighty mouse graphic

Via: The Swamp  


Chris W said...

It will be so much fun to watch the Chosen One take one in the jimmies again.

Clifton B said...

Chris W:

This time it will be well deserved. He has no business pretending Climategate didn't happen.

Just a conservative girl said...

Ok, now you have ruined Mighty Mouse for me too. Is nothing sacred anymore?

If they are going to do something on climate change now is the time. It looks like NASA's findings is next on the list of discredited data. They have been blocking a FOIA request for two years. Someone is about to go to court to get the data.

Yes two planes flying to Copenhagen twice is really good way to reduce carbon emmissions.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

B. Hussein knows full well the climate line is B.S.

He is all about wealth redistribution from the West (specifically the U.S.) to the Third-World and signing away our sovereignty to the U.N.

Conservative Pup said...

I liked this so much I included it in my Pup's Picks this morning at my blog.

Love your posts! Your blog looks great too. Wishing you a happy Christmas season.

The Conservative Lady said...

It's now or never (another crisis) for Obama to push his agenda for Cap & Tax, globalization and redistribution of wealth. Climategate is threatening to put the kabash on his plans. His ego is astounding to think that showing up at the end of the conference will "push the negotiations over the top toward an agreement". And I guess his carbon footprint doesn't matter...2 flights to Copenhagen and back within days of each other...what a hypocrite.

Chris said...

The rest of the world is talking about Climatgate and our media has said near nothing about it. We are in big trouble when the media is in bed with one political party. Thank God we have other forms of media like the blogs.

joey perez said...

Nice posting again, that is why I follow. I have been told by African American friends of mine that I do not know what they have gone through therefore for some reason I cannot comment on certain topics. Well I have sent them your blog because our views are very similar and perhaps you can reach them. They have read my blog and feel that it is full of hate. If you browse through it you will not find any hate but instead my disagreement with the policies of this administration. Somehow that is all they see when they read my blog. Help me out here...LOL.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

One would think Obama would not mire himself in Copenhagen UNTIL Climate-gate can be sorted out. But I don't think many politicians are avoiding Copenhagen.
And let's not forget the Nobel Prize he doesn't deserve.

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