Monday, December 28, 2009

Clown Napolitano now says the system failed

This morning on the today show with Matt Lauer, Dept. of Homeland Security head clown Janet Napolitano tried to hide her bright red nose and floppy shoes by using the old “my words were taken out of context” defense.

She claims what she really meant was that the system worked after the attempt was made. Everything leading up to then failed miserably. Credit to Matt Lauer for pressing her somewhat, some harder follow up question would have been nicer.

Lauer pressed: How does a guy who’s on this general terror list, who buys a one-way transtlantic ticket with cash, who checks no luggage, and who’s own father has flagged him to authorities, get on the plane? Napolitano said that “our system did not work in this instance” and no one “is happy or satisfied with that.” She maintained “air travel is safe.”
Sorry but so long as Janet Napolitano is running Homeland Security, I would not consider air travel safe. Count me in with guys over at National Review…FIRE JANET NAPOLITANO!

For a more damning view of Janet's incompetence, check out Left Coast Rebel who juxtaposed Janet's two latest interviews.


The Griper said...

the most i can say on this is, no comment. lol

her own words speak louder than anything i could say. lol

Tuffy said...

Hey, nice blog! How did I miss this?? I will visit more often (linked from Michelle Malkin's site). As for JN, two words: bumbling idiot. How the HALE did she get this position?? I feel sorry for the folks that WORK for Dept. HHS. Can you imagine the constantly changing/confusing memos and directives from her?? God, what a mess.

Janie Lynn said...

Going against my normal aversion to people who break the law - I really don't care if Bernard Kerick had an illegal nanny! I'd feel a lot better with him at the helm of homeland security. Pretty sure our enemies wouldn't sit back and laugh at him like they're laughing at JN now!

Janelle said...

And your grandmother is on a watch list, Clifton???????

Clifton B said...

The Griper:

Napolitano pretty much sealed her fate with "the system worked" no amount of backpedaling can change that.

Clifton B said...


Yeah, how did you miss me? LOL I too feel sorry for those at DHS who have to toil under her incompetence. If you check her history as Gov of Arizona, you will see she let kidnappings skyrocket. That alone should have made her completely unacceptable for her position.

Republicans must accept part of the blame, they did not raise the alarm on her incompetence before she was confirmed.

Clifton B said...

Janie Lynn:

I can totally feel where you are coming from! I would feel safer with Bugs Bunny or the Roadrunner in charge of Homeland Security than Napolitano. At least Bugs and RR could foil their foes, Janet on the other hand ....

Clifton B said...


Actually it is my mother who is on the list. Two years ago mother flew to Bonaire to see her sister. On the way home, she went through holy hell to get back into America because someone with her name (a very common one I may add) was on the list.

You would think that a 70 year old black woman with only one trip on her brand new passport would have been the tip off that she was not an international terrorist, but the Pointy Object Police thought otherwise.

Janelle said...

The absolute craziness of your mother being targeted and Umar without a passport leaves me feeling like I'm living in a bad Lewis Carroll nightmare, Clifton.

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