Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A quick comment on Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman caving on healthcare reform did not come as a surprise for me. It reminded me of when he became Al Gore’s VP. Lieberman had all these rather conservative principles that he immediately chucked upon becoming the VP candidate.

While I understand as second on the ticket you must align your views with the top of the ticket, Lieberman completely caved. Even Sarah Palin kept her views on ANWR in opposition to McCain’s position, no so with Joe.

Lieberman said he did not support the public option or Medicare expansion because he was concerned about the deficit, yet now that they are gone and more subsidies were added, Joe’s fiscal concerns vanished. How trading one expense for another is suppose to be fiscally conservative is beyond me.

If Lieberman thinks games like that are going to cut it in 2010 and beyond, I have some very bad news for Joe. 


Jess said...

Are you saying he's losing Joementum?

Janelle said...

A grin to you, Jess. We'll see if his support for this fizzles when his conservative constituents start howling at him. Unless, he is looking to retire at full pay and benefits, which, is a practice that should be abolished.

Anonymous said...

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