Thursday, December 10, 2009

Col. Allen West for US Congress Florida Dist. 22

I have been receiving daily emails from everyone telling me to check out Col. Allen West. I finally got sent this viral video. All I can say is HOT DAMN! Call ACORN, I need to figure out how to vote for this guy like 17 times. This brother looks like he eats liberals for lunch and then snacks on their bones for dinner. This is exactly the attitude we need to defeat all that leftist nonsense coming out of both parties. Please check out and support Col West at his site.

By the way, what is going on down in Florida? You guys have both Marco Rubio and Col. West. Care to share your secrets for growing strong conservatives?


Anonymous said...

That's what I said when I saw this.

Jenny said...

Where do I sign up? He is great!

Anonymous said...

In 2007 I met Col West at a fundraiser; his indomitable American spirit inspires confidence in ourselves and our Nation.

Nikki said...

Wow! What a powerhouse! The tough part now is deciding if it should be West-Palin 2012 or Palin-West!

Janelle said...

Already donated and will do so again! Peggy Noonan called it with Obama, "there is no there, there". Lt. Col. West has all of it there. No message on Fl, Clifton, except that we are a bit of an older population and we vote - we also live in a right to work state with no state income tax. Some residents are seasonal, which means they spend at least 5-6 months here and plan to retire here. Many of us came from other states and decided that our life savings and investments shouldn't be a bone for any government to gnaw on.
Or taxed once again by fools ..... most of whom, if they took an ex-lax, would find their heads caving in.

shiningcityonahill said...

I have a home in S. Florida, but it's just outside of his district by a matter of about 3 miles :(

Talk may be cheap, but this guy definitely says all the right things and without a teleprompter. He's a great passionate speaker with real leadership experience, and I think he is exactly the kind of man America needs.

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