Thursday, December 10, 2009

The next “Big” ideas from Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart will be expanding his online media empire next year. In addition to his successful, Big Hollywood and Big Government, Andrew plans to add Big Journalism, Big Tolerance, Big Jerusalem, Big Education and Big Peace.  Each site is dedicated to fighting the leftist strongholds in those areas.

Of the new sites, Big Journalism and Big Tolerance interest me most.  Here is what Breitbart has in store for each. From Mediaite

Big Journalism will be run by former Time Magazine staffer Michael Walsh, who is also a former journalism professor and film & television professor at Boston University. Walsh and Breitbart met at a casual gathering of like-minded people and hit it off. When Breitbart made the decision to launch a new site covering journalism, he says that Walsh was first person that came to his mind. The fact that Walsh is a media veteran going back to the early 70s didn’t hurt, he said.
Walsh and Breitbart share a similar distaste for the day-to-day work of “institutional journalists.” In an interview, the new editor of Big Journalism boiled down the mission of the site thusly: “Our goal at Big Journalism is to hold the mainstream media’s feet to the fire.  There are a lot of stories that they simply don’t cover, either because it doesn’t fit their world view, or because they’re literally innocent of any knowledge that the story even exists, or because they are a dying organization, short-staffed, and thus can’t cover stuff like they did before.”
“Big Journalism will be the go-to site for solidly backed-up stories, sharp points of view, and really great writing,” he said. “We are defenders of the First Amendment and resolute enemies of political correctness. That’s the key to the site’s philosophy.”

Breitbart feels that “if these traditional media outlets can’t be shamed into telling the truth, diverted for doing the wrong story, for simply running defense for one party, and mocked away from creating journalistic rules that only hold those on the right accountable, then it puts us in a position to do more than we’ve done in the past with talk radio and web aggregation. The market is wide open to go on the offensive, to tell truths that aren’t being told. The center-right alternative media has been playing a passable prevent defense, constantly saying ‘that’s not right’ for consistently biased reporting. Now we aim to offer more aggressive journalism and to give the mainstream media a little dose of its own medicine.”
Big Tolerance:
The site “will be run by my own version of the rainbow coalition: black and Hispanic conservative libertarians, Jewish, gay conservatives and libertarians. Those who are viewed in multicultural realm as traitors to their race, sexual orientation, and other cultural Marxist categories are going to act together to hold accountable the Media Matters and Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons and left-of-center Human Rights Organizations — which means toeing the line on multiculturalism and knee-jerk liberalism. These people are not allowed another point of view, and if they ever voice one they are vilified mercilessly.”
Breitbart continues: “Ultimately we want to make sure that the left and the media wont ever create another Clarence Thomas hearing. We’ve already seen with Henry Louis Gates and Obama, and the mainstream media’s attempted take-down of a white police office. The under media that we’re a part of countered the tired ‘racist white cop’ with truth and Obama’s pathetic ‘beer summit’ was a sweet sign of victory. We call BS to this sort of knee-jerk response to put people in stereotypes and archetypes that serve the cultural Marxist, left-of-center agenda.”

Click here to learn about Briebart’s other Big sites.

Via: Mediaite


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I wish you could see the BIG smile on my face. Thanks for posting this information. IT'S ABOUT TIME!

The Conservative Lady said...

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