Sunday, December 27, 2009

Napolitano: “The system worked”. WTF?

This video is simply stunning! DHS chief Janet Napolitano clearly has no idea what the hell she is talking about.  They system worked?  How the hell can she say that when a failed detonator and alert passengers saved the day?  Where was the system to stop Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab from boarding the plane in the first place or to detect he was carrying PETN?

I think we can see what the problem is from this video. Listen to how Napolitano seems to leave the whole matter to criminal justice system (see the 1:00 mark).  For Napolitano stopping terrorism isn’t at Homeland Security issue, it is more a matter for criminal justice.  Well, if that is the case what the hell do we need Homeland Security for? The FBI, CIA, local police and fire can do the job without her.

Early in this blog I labeled Napolitano a clown. Michelle Malkin and Pundit and Pundette appears to agree with me. Jonas Goldberg at the National Review is suggesting Napolitano be fired and I could not agree more.

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Foxmuldar Blog said...

Napolitano is clueless. Wasn't long ago she wouldn't even say the word terrorist in her interviews. Of course she is towing the Obama line which is be nice to our enemies.

Don't mention the word muslims in any of her comments. Don't want to upset any of Obama's friends in the middle east. While Napolitano was making a total ass of herself, another potential terrorist locked himself in the toilet on the same airline heading for Detroit. Fortunately that one turned out in a positive way. Nobody was harmed.

Since Obama has taken control of the White House, he and his ACLU attorney general Holder have done their best to weaken our defenses against future terrorist attacks.

Meanwhile at Gitmo, more detainees are being sent home to join up with their fellow terrorist. Obama doesn't care how dangerous these folks are, all he's interested in is closing Gitmo.

Its just a matter of time till the jihadists are successful in their efforts to kill more americans. Thanks in part to the weakness of Obama and our Homeland security team.

Janelle said...

Am I the only person is is dreadfully tired of the "uh syndrome" in this administration? If you have your head on straight and you've done your due diligence reading and thinking, you sound like a coherent adult.
I lost count at 32.

Janie Lynn said...

Totally in over her head. Amazing. I feel so safe with her around. NOT.

Clifton B said...


No argument there!

Clifton B said...


With each of the things you mentioned, Cheney's stock goes up. I cannot wait to see the latest favorablity rating for Cheney. I won't be surprised if it is higher than Obama's.

Clifton B said...


Count me as one of the tired. I have not seen an adult in Washington since Condi Rice left the building!

Clifton B said...

Janie Lynn:

Napolitano was a poor choice from the get go. Have you seen her record in Arizona as governor? All those kidnappings happened under her watch. If should could not keep her own state safe, she had no business being elevated to DHS head.

Jim McKee said...

I agree with your assessment of her as a clown. I would simply like to add the prefix "ass-".

Clifton B said...

Jim McKee:

Actually there is another word for Janet, it is asshat. But since I try to keep my potty mouth in check on this blog I went with clown.

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