Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ho-Ho-Ho! Mao-y Christmas?

Only a red diaper baby would have a Mao Zedong Christmas ornament on their tree. So of course, we find one on the White House Christmas tree, along with a transvestite and an image of The Won superimposed on Mount Rushmore.

With Obama's approval ratings lower than Bush’s was at the end of his second term, Obama might want to give up the Mt. Rushmore fantasy.


Velcro said...

Those are some strange looking ornaments!

Anonymous said...

The fact that the leader(allegedly) of the free world would leave a Mao ornament on the tree is disgusting.As far as the Mt. Rushmore pic, I'm sure a man who accepts a peace prize for doing nothing and gives himself a B+ would have no problem with starting construction tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Imagine if George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan had ornaments made of themselves on Mount Rushmore... the statists would be screaming from the rafters. Even Bill Clinton didn't have that kind of arrogance.

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