Friday, December 11, 2009

Tiger Woods "ready to quit" golf to save marriage?

From The UK Sun:

TIGER Woods is ready to quit golf in a desperate bid to save his shattered marriage.
The 33-year-old world Number One told wife Elin he "will do anything" after being linked with a string of women.
Elin, 29, has agreed to stay with the billionaire star for the sake of their two young children.
But she has given him the stark ultimatum: "It's golf... or me."
Leggy Swede Elin has drawn up a strict list of rules for the world Number One to follow if he wants to win her back.
And the beauty, who would pocket up to $100million if she walks away, is insisting he puts their marriage and two kids before his golf career.  MORE
Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Tiger screwed up royally here. I still cannot figure out why a man who is married to a hot model would need to cheat on her with waitresses and so forth. To make the whole nutty scenario worse, some of the women are clearly less attractive than his wife (see slide show of 8 of the women here).  Were these flings worth a marriage, all the endorsement and now his career. Talk about reckless. 
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Via: UK Sun


Jess said...

Tiger has enough money to do just about anything he wants, but his ability to make more is hampered by his marriage problems, which he's shown is more for convenience than commitment. I'm thinking he'll game the system, make it look like he's really trying and be more discrete.

A good PR campaign could demonize his wife, even if she decides to divorce, so the only real threat is to his career, which I'm sure will be rescued by those that are invested in the hype.

Just a conservative girl said...

The one thing I don't like about the turn this story is taking is that it is almost making Elin sound like a gold digger. She married a very wealthy man with which she signed a prenup. She and her children are the victims here. $100 million is not a great deal of money to someone who is a billionaire.

He very obviously has some serious problems that have nothing at all to do with what type of wife she is, how she looks, or anything else for that matter. He probably does really love her, but has allowed these issues to overtake any sense he may have.

john wall said...

Tiger Woods main priority in life is clearly golf and always has been. If he was truly a family man, he wouldnt have behaved the way he did and jeopardized his relationship with his wife and kids.

MissTammy said...

Seems to me GOLF isn't exactly what he ought to be promising to quit!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna get whacked over the head soundly for this, but here goes: I do not care two hoots about the private life of a man who plays golf for a living. This is all between him, his family, and the makers of the products carrying his endorsements.

... _._

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