Monday, February 7, 2011

Palin and gay rights, where does she stand

Yesterday, I shared with you all the video clips of Sarah Palin's interview with David Brody of CBN.  Well, today it appears the blogs are all buzzing about Sarah Palin's answer on CPAC.  The big issue is whether or not she supports GOProud being involved with CPAC this year and where she stands on gay rights.

Sarah Palin:Well, I’ve never attended a CPAC conference ever so I was a little taken aback this go around when I couldn’t make it to this one either and then there was a speculation well I either agree or disagree with some of the groups or issues that CPAC is discussing. It really is a matter of time for me.
But when it comes to, and David, perhaps what it is that you’re suggesting in the question, is should the GOP, should conservatives not reach out to others, not participate in events or forums that perhaps arising within those forums are issues that maybe we don’t personally agree with? And I say no. It’s like you being on a panel shoot, with a bunch of the liberal folks whom you have been on and you provide good information and balance, and you allow for healthy debate, which is needed in order for people to gather information and make up their own minds about issues.
I look at participation in an event like CPAC or any other event along kind of in that same vein as the more information that people have the better.
From her answer, Palin gives the impression that she doesn't have a problem GOProud's involvement in CPAC.  Some are taking this as support for GOProud in general.
I have followed Palin very closely and I have not heard her come out strongly against  gays.  On Don't Ask Don't Tell, her only real criticism was the timing. On gay marriage she said during the Vice Presidential debates that she did not support gay marriage (just like Joe Biden), but seemed to go out of her way to state she was quite tolerant of different lifestyles.
If I had to guess, I would say Palin is probably a lot more tolerant than the left gives her credit for and probably a lot more tolerant that some on the right might be comfortable with.


Hot Sam said...

She specifically stated that her favorite clothing store is "Out of the Closet" which is a non-profit thrift clothing store whose revenues support HIV/AIDS medical care.

Of course she's tolerant, and she should be. We have much more important things to worry about in this country than whether two dudes get married or whether some lesbian in the military who everyone knows is a lesbian has to keep hiding that fact.

Clifton B said...

Nice Rowe:

I agree, I think conservatives would do well to ease off the gay issue. Stand up against special laws for gays is one things, but the whole anti-gay everything is self defeating.

bd said...

the "conservative establishment" and high-strung evangelicals should dismount their high-horse(!)

the left throws gay issues in their face and they react like pavlov's dogs...

the continual throwing of personal sex matters into the public arena is indecent to the core; don't want to know "your" personal predilections - not an issue for political discourse in any case; we have really gone over the edge in this matter

of course, leaders must comment on cultural matters "in the large" - can't be avoided; sp ok by me

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