Thursday, February 24, 2011

Palin to travel to India next month

Yet another sign that Sarah Palin is getting ready for 2012.  The Hill reports that Sarah Palin will travel to India to speak at the India Today Conclave on March 19.
The Hill:  Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) will make her first overseas trip of 2011 next month, when she travels to India to deliver a speech at a high-profile policy conference. 
Palin will speak on March 19 at the India Today Conclave in the capital city of New Delhi, according to an event schedule. Her remarks are titled "My Vision of America."
Her visit will give her a chance to burnish her foreign-policy credentials in a country that boasts one of the world's fastest-growing economies — and will spark further talk about whether she will run for president next year.  [MORE]

India is also the world's largest democracy, so it is no wonder Palin who champions freedom and democracy at home would accept an opportunity to speak there.  
This will make Palin's third international visit  since 2008.  The first was her speech in China and the second was her humanitarian trip to Haiti. Last year there was talk of her visiting the UK and Israel.  It would boost her resume if she could still make those trips


John B. Hefmier said...

Actually, Clifton, in addition to visiting China (Hong Kong to be more precise) and Haiti, she has also been to Kosovo (early 2009, just before her resignation) and she has spoken in Canada 3 times.

bd said...

aside - since the field is large; the contest is still early; presumably waiting for strong, principled, viable conservative candidates to separate from the chaff; and since we are all open to grounded persuasion... curious as to your current temperature on sp as pres candidate - just checking

Clifton B said...


My bad, I thought Kosovo was 2008 and totally missed the Canada trips. Got any links for her Canada trips?

Clifton B said...


Yes it is still way too early. But from the names thrown around, SP looks like our strongest bet.

Here is my reasons
1. Her conservatism is on point.
2. Unlike her male counterparts she is a real fighter and can withstand whatever the left dishes out.
3. She has been vetted to death. The left has shot their wad, all they have left are nitpicks on Palin.
4. She is grossly underestimated by the public at large. Once under full campaign, people will be impressed.
5. There is a very strong populist undercurrent in America today. You can feel it. People feel like they are mere cogs in the machine (this is true both on the left and the right). Palin has the ability to best articulate this feeling. If she does, she can ride an populist wave right into the White House.

Vishnu Kumar said...


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