Saturday, February 5, 2011

Video: Sarah Palin's speech at the Reagan Center

Last night Sarah Palin gave the keynote speech at the Young America's Foundation dinner celebrating Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday.  My favorite line from the speech;
"There's a whole army of patriotic Davids out there across this great country ready to stand up and to speak out in defense of liberty, and these Davids aren't afraid to tell Goliath "don't tread on me."
This is an excellent reminder for many conservatives who are starting to fret about 2012. Remember, it was a whole army of patriotic Davids that cleaned out a slew of Democrats in 2010. There is no reason why we cannot defeat a single president.

Video h/t: Mediaite


bd said...

a terrific line! even more so because it rings genuine vice "sound-bite formula"

very interested in your overall impressions of the address...

Clifton B said...


My overall impression is that Palin handled this speech rather well. It must have been difficult because so many people see the parallels between Palin and Reagan.

She handled those parallels well, but did not make the mistake of claiming to be Reagan 2.0. Instead she states that Reagan was one of a kind and that we all carry on his legacy.

I also noticed that Palin has been working on her voice. She sounds far softer than she did at the Tea Party rallies. Another indication she may run?

I like how she drew comparisons between what Reagan said in his speech A Time For Choosing and events going on today. She clearly understands the choice Americans will face in 2012.

As always Palin knows how to distill big themes down to simple and memorable sound bites, e.g. "Bullet Train to bankruptcy". I also like how she easily unpacks Obama's SOTU speech and distills it down to more government spending cloaked as American exceptionalism.

I don't think that this speech helped bring wavering conservatives back to her side. For that she will have to deliver another speech similar to her 2008 convention speech.

Anonymous said...

So Sarah talks some political rah-rah, okay. But in the end she will do whatever Rothschild tells Rockefeller to tell Kissinger to tell her to do.

I think its time for us as Americans to wake up to the fact that these candidates are manufactured and controlled by the international globalists. Look at that dunce Jimmy Carter, he was manufactured over a period of a few months once Rockefeller gave him the nod. When it comes to presidential candidates, the American People NEVER get what they pay or vote for.

She won’t say one word about the Federal Reserve because she’s already on the payroll of the destroyers of America. She’s just another new world order stooge that will never address the real problems of bloated government and debt slavery to international bankers aka the Rothschilds.

C’mon People.

Garry said...

This lady is made out of steel! When she's got something to say-- she just says it ;-)

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