Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AARP loses 60,000 members, let’s make it 600,000!

We have all known for a very long time that AARP is really another shill for progressive BS. However, since pretty much coming out of the closet to support ObamaCare, AARP is feeling the burn from its members. They have lost 60,000 members since July 1. I guess that nasty rep in the YouTube video did not help.

AARP says that losing 60,000 members is a mere spit in the bucket, really? I say lets see how they feel when they loose 600,000. Tell your parents and grandparents to check out American Seniors Association (ASA) instead and say bye-bye to the leftist AARP.



Craig S said...

just cancled my AARP membership which is paid up till 2012. I will also loose my home and auto insurance discount. I still think leaving is the right thing to do.

Craig S

Clifton B said...

Craig S:

My mother has done the same thing. She said their agenda isn't her agenda.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear people are dropping AARP. They have a agenda that is destructive.
I believe they have hidden behind the cover of helping the elderly. What a Crock!!! My Aunt and Uncle though(dems)were descent GOD fearing people. After they joined AARP they were voting for candidates that were for abortion, which before they would not even consider doing. AARP used scare tactics that conseratives were going stop heathcare for the ederly. I could not hold a conversation with them, they were so mad all the time. Talk about brainwashing!!!

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