Thursday, August 6, 2009

Uh Oh Bill is back

It's good news that Euna Lee and Laura Ling are now home safe and sound. We should all be happy that two fellow Americans are out of the clutches of that kook Kim Jung Il. In the coming days or months we will no doubt find out that the true price was for their release and how much of a hand the Obama administration had in the whole thing.

What strikes me as odd, is why would Obama allow Bill Clinton to enter the national scene at this time? Lets face it, Bill Clinton coming to the rescue of Lee and Ling is going to be big news for a while. In the next few days, everyone is going to want Bill Clinton on their shows to tell all the behind the scenes details of the rescue. If there is one thing we know about Bill, he loves the attention. Does Obama need Bill sucking up all the airtime from the health care debate and worse yet the risk of Bill taking cheap shots at the administration?

Obama had successfully sidelined the Clintons for the last seven months. Hillary was toiling away in all the unimportant places of the world and Bill was off doing God knows what. Now they are both back on the scene at a time when Obama is on the ropes. With each passing day, Obama is sinking in the eyes of the American people. From the crazy spending to asking Americans to snitch on each other. Obama is proving to be the total opposite of the image of Hope and Change he presented.

If I were a Democrat, seeing Bill now would remind me of the glory days of balanced budgets and surpluses. Clinton, like him or hate him, never risked the economy, never put forth half-baked plans or painted America as sorry place. The Democrats never had people flooding town halls with anger because of any of Clinton’s policies.

I think Obama made a big mistake not finding another way to get those women home. Letting Bill back on the big stage at this time is highly risky. As Bill makes the news circuit, surely someone is going to ask Bill for his opinion on health care, the deficit, etc. and when they do Bill will have the opportunity to further trip up Obama. Remember how “helpful” Bill was after Obama got the nomination. Get ready for the redux.


Opus #6 said...

Obama can't have wanted this. Maybe the Koreans got to the Clintons on their own. Obama has kept them under his thumb for months. Maybe this is pay back.

Clifton B said...

Opus 6:

A very good observation. However it happened, I sure would love to see Bill trip up Obama. It will also be quite interesting to see how the media would spin it if Bill does trip him up.

madmath1 said...

I'm sure the Clintons will remember how this evil monstrocity called them racist when they were bringing up the Birth Certificate issue which they dropped like Bill would an Intern with STD's. Though I would love for them to punch BO in the face, I worry. The last time the elements of Clinton was mixed with North Korea, the results was the US giving Nukes to one of the most unstable and homicidal regimes in the world. I only fear what this will lead to.

Meadow said...

It seems that Clinton (Bill) is going to campaign for the health reform bill

The North Koreans were not going to deal with a woman! I suspect they received something of value from the BO administration, that was delivered by Clinton.

Oh, the intrique that occurs behind closed doors!

Clifton B said...


Sooner or later we will find out what the price of Ling and Lee's release was. I have a feeling that Kim Jong Il got more than just pretty pictures.

Clifton B said...


It seems that Clinton (Bill) is going to campaign for the health reform bill

Figures he would latch on to the hot issue of the day. Even more limelight.

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