Sunday, August 16, 2009

Maureen Dowd, your envy is showing!

Another week and another anti-Palin screed from Maureen Dowd, good Lord this is getting painful to watch. Dowd’s envy of Palin is now more transparent than cellophane. Everything Palin has is exactly what Dowd wants in her life: stunning looks, a hot husband, beautiful children, a kick ass house and a job that really matters. Now we can add being a more effective writer to that list as well.

Palin’s Facebook Coup d’etat against ObamaCare accomplished more with just 5 short paragraphs than all of Dowd’s endless words and countless columns ever could! It must really eat up Dowd’s guts to have Palin’s words matter more. Perhaps if Dowd abandoned using her writing talents to spew venomous snark for the delight of her elitist friends and instead wrote with thoughtful insight for the world at large, her words might actually start to matter. Until then, Dowd will just continue to eat herself up with envy.

Via: Memeorandum

Via: New York Times

Via: Sarah Palin's Facebook page


Steve Burri said...

Clifton B,

In the photo, are those jalapenos sticking out of Dowd's head? (NTTAWWT)

bluepitbull said...

Dowd seems to straddle the fence always. Funny how she has jumped on the hate Palin bandwagon the left seems to be on since they found out about her last year.

Clifton B said...


They are the green horns of envy, but Jalapenos would make sense, seeing MoDo's brain is a tad fried.

Clifton B said...


MoDo does really do original thinking. The plagiarizing should prove that

Boy Named Sous said...

Ever notice that "dowd" and "dowdy" are only a letter apart?

It's not just envy that drives the likes of Dowd, it's also fear. Women like Dowd have always been able to console themselves for their lack of "stunning looks, a hot husband, beautiful children, a kick ass house and a job that really matters" by telling themselves that women like Palin are Barbies, pretty but empty-headed playthings who have no depth, no substance, no real happiness -- it's all just a house of cards waiting to collapse when they lose their looks.

But when a woman like Palin shows that she has more depth, more grit, more determination, more capability, simply put more than just her beauty going for her, she reveals Dowd as the empty shell that she thinks Palin is -- she not only has "stunning looks, a hot husband, beautiful children, a kick ass house and a job that really matters", but she denies Dowd of the things Dowd thought herself to have as well.

Clifton B said...


Damn spot on analysis! I wish I said that! Gimme a high five!

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